How to Keep Things Casual in a Relationship?


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Committing to a relationship is not something everyone can do. At times, what you really want is something lower key and casual rather than long-term.

Maybe you have come out of a relationship and the last thing on your mind is to jump on that high horse once again. You might be looking to explore some options. Sure, many people understand what casual dating is but what does it involve?

Casual dating means you aren’t planning to be with someone for the long-term. This will keep both partners from proceeding with the same idea and both will have the same expectations out of the relationship.

If you are looking to maintain a casual relationship, here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind.

1. Keep a Few Things in the Mix

You can date a single person casually at a time if that is what you can handle. However, one of the best things about casual dating is that you don’t have to be tied to a conventional standard of a relationship.

So, you don’t have to be afraid to see or meet new people. You can have casual relationships with Latin girls at the same time. Remember, it is okay to date more than one person.

2. Make Sure the Person Involved Knows What He/She Is Getting Into

In case you are not looking for anything serious, you need to ensure that the person that you are dating knows that. Tell him/her that you aren’t planning to get serious from the very beginning. When your potential partner knows about this, they have the opportunity to say if they are interested or not. They get the chance to think and decide if they are.

There is no need to make a huge deal out of it or bring up the topic the first time you meet. But clearly say something like you like to spend time with him/her but you have to make sure that he/she knows that you aren’t planning to get serious.

3. Do What You Please

When you are in a relationship, you have to be open to compromise, talk and check-in on your partner, and spend a great deal of your day caring about your partner’s needs. However, this is not the case with casual dating as you do not have to do any of these when you are in a casual relationship. You have the liberty to come and go out of the relationship as you prefer. There is no accountability.

4. No Being Possessive

In case you are on social media and you see that someone you are dating casually is seeing other people should be cool with it. If you notice that someone you are dating is getting possessive about you, make sure you shut it quickly. There is no place for possessiveness when it comes to casual dating.

5. Be Comfortable but Do Not Get Comfortable

A casual relationship is enjoyable as you get to spend time with people you are attracted to and enjoy but not ready to let in your tortured and dark soul. Thus, you should be yourself. However, avoid projecting the qualities in a way that will supersede the boundaries of the agreement. When things start feeling like a chore, you know the fun is over.

6. Avoid Making Future Plans Beyond a Few Days

In case you want to hand it out on a Saturday night, it is okay to make plans 1-2 days before. However, anything more than that will get into the relationship territory. It is necessary that you live in the moment. You should take it as the only moment you have at hand as they might come across someone they want to be in a relationship with. So, don’t be tied to plans that you would not keep.

7. Personal Favors Are a No-No

This you should not call them up when you are planning on moving or require someone to take care of your dog when you are out of town. Remember, a casual relationship doesn’t come with such expectations.

8. End it as a Grown-Up

In case you are no longer into someone, you should stop asking them for favors or do things for you and hope that they will go away or simply tell them that you are not feeling anything anymore when they ask you to hang out with them. Keep in mind, being honest is always the best.

You can also respond to a text which says something like, ‘‘I really liked spending time with you, but I feel it has run its course’’. This is always better than leaving without saying anything.
What’s good is anything goes with casual dating. In case you just cannot be in a serious relationship at present, it is surely the best option out there for you.


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