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Let’s go ahead and say it right now: Making a mix disc is not and never will be the same as making a mix tape. The magic just isn’t the same. With a tape, you’re listening as you’re putting it together, you’re making decisions on the fly, and with every song choice, you’re risking the coherency of the entire tape; one slip, and it’s back to zero…because you never want to – ugh – tape over a song. Still, a compilation is a compilation, and no matter what the medium, there’s nothing more fun to a music geek than sitting around and trying to figure out a theme or a feel that will hold a collection together and, hopefully, introduce listeners to new music. So, basically, each Mix Disc Monday playlist of 15 songs is just an excuse for our writers to have a blast and get paid for it. Nice work if you can get it, huh? So, check out our archive of the Mix Disc Monday series.

Of course, things have changed even more since we started putting together these playlists. Not, even Cds are obsolete, and everyone is streaming music, making the playlists even easier to make. So if you want to find some great music for your Spotify playlist, check out the playlists below. Make sure to check out our Deep Cuts playlists as well.

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All Work and No Playlist: Andrew McMahon of Jack's MannequinAll Work and No Playlist: Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin
October 18, 2011

The Jack's Mannequin frontman offers up the 10 songs that are currently rocking his world (and his iTunes playlist).

All Work and No Playlist: Mark O'Connell of Taking Back SundayAll Work and No Playlist: Mark O'Connell of Taking Back Sunday
June 20, 2011

Taking Back Sunday drummer Mark O'Connell sat down with us recently to talk about some of his favorite songs.

All Work and No Playlist: Saam Hagshenan of Hey ChampAll Work and No Playlist: Saam Hagshenan of Hey Champ
May 26, 2011

The lead singer of the Chicago synth-rock trio kicks off our newest feature with the 10 tracks that get his mojo risin'.

Your 2011 St. Patrick's Day PlaylistYour 2011 St. Patrick's Day Playlist
March 16, 2011

Get in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day with this list of songs about drinking, the effects of drinking, and the vow that many of you will make the following morning. 

How Novel of You (09/22/2008)
Weird Al isn't the only musician who enjoys a good novelty tune. In fact, some of rock biggest stars have been known to get silly on occasion. Jason Thompson's "How Novel of You" playlist uncovers novelty songs from the likes of the Beatles, the Stones and Dylan.

Fallen From Grace (07/28/2008)
People screw up all the time. Musicians are certainly no exception. Our Fallen From Grace playlist shines the spotlight on 15 real life pop criminals, with guys like Rick James, Sid Vicious and Motley Crue's Vince Neil headlining the lineup.

That's MISTER Mix Disc Monday to you! (06/30/2008)
It's Mr. This and Mr. That on this Mix Disc Monday offering, with a collection of formal tunes like "Mr. Bellamy," "Mr. Obsession," "Mr. Plain" and "Mr. Vain." You can just call Will Harris Mr. Mix Disc Monday from now on.

Celebrities: "And I can sing real good too!" (06/16/2008)
We've seen plenty of actors and actresses record an album, sometimes to enhance their career, sometimes to prolong it, and sometimes to revive it. Jason Thompson's "And I can sing real good too!" Mix Disc Monday offering revisits Bruce Willis, Don Johnson, William Shatner and other singin' celebs.

Love for Sale: The prostitute mix (06/02/2008)
You may be surprised by just how many musicians have something to say about the world's oldest profession. Michael Fortes "Love for Sale" playlist targets 15 tunes dedicated to -- you guessed it -- prostitution, including tracks from Cheap Trick, Tone Loc and AC/DC.

Two minutes (05/19/2008)
Sometimes you want to rock out but you don't have a lot of time. That's where James Eldred's "Two Minutes" offering comes in handy, a playlist boasting 15 tracks that all check in at two minutes or less, including tunes from The Roots, They Might Be Giants, Pearl Jam and the Ramones.

Like back and think of England (05/05/2008)
Will Harris is an admitted Anglophile who's had a crush on many a female singer from across the pond. His "Lie Back and Think of England" playlist, our latest Mix Disc Monday offering, features tunes like "Born in the UK," "Irish Blood, English Heart" and "Baby Britain."

Blank of the Blank (04/21/2008)
Do you remember what a preposition and an article are? Maybe not, but you probably remember Mad Libs. This week, David Medsker fills in the blanks with his Mix Disc Monday offering, featuring song titles like "Start of the Breakdown," "King of the Mountain" and "End of the World."

A little sun / Fly me to the moon (04/07/2008)
You knew it was coming. After doing a "Heaven" mix last time around, Will Harris felt obligated to offer up a playlist for the opposing final destination. His "Hell is for..." mix features tunes from Guns 'N' Roses, Ryan Adams, AC/DC and, naturally, "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Hell is for... (03/24/2008)
You knew it was coming. After doing a "Heaven" mix last time around, Will Harris felt obligated to offer up a playlist for the opposing final destination. His "Hell is for..." mix features tunes from Guns 'N' Roses, Ryan Adams, AC/DC and, naturally, "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Heaven isn't too far away (03/10/2008)
Whether you're assuming you'll go to heaven upon your demise or merely hoping you're headed north instead of south, Will Harris has a mix for you this week. His latest offering features heavenly tunes from Hank Williams, Jr., the Psychedelic Furs and the Hooters.

I hate myself for loving this song (02/25/2008)
Most music fans have their fair share of guilty pleasures, and David Medsker is no different. This week, David casts a hairy eye on his CD collection in search of songs that haven't exactly held their own against Father Time, with tracks from No Doubt, Kula Shaker and the 10,000 Maniacs.

Valetine's Day Edition (02/11/2008)
Whether you're spending Valentine's Day this year with someone or by yourself, Mike Farley has a mix for you. His Love Rocks playlist features tunes from the likes of Van Halen and Ben Folds, while Amy Winehouse, Jackson Browne and others show up on his Love Bites mix.

Call it a phase (01/28/2008)
We've shown plenty of love to musicians with our Mix Disc Monday offerings, but this week David Medsker sends a shout out to the man in the producer's chair. His "Call it a phase" playlist pays homage to the most time-tested production trick in the music biz.

Getting sleepy... (01/14/2008)
New parents crave it, clubbers put it off as long as possible. In our latest Mix Disc Monday offering, Mike Farley targets 15 tunes that sing the praises of sweet, sweet sleep, including selections from the Shins, Counting Crows and the Damnwells.

If you don't slow down, you're gonna crash (12/31/2007)
Anyone can put together a list of driving songs, so Will Harris took it a step further. His latest Mix Disc Monday offering is the perfect soundtrack for your next car crash, with tunes from the Sugarcubes, Morrissey and Live. Just don't get too inspired by the list, unless you have great insurance.

What these songs are bassed on (12/17/2007)
It doesn't get as much love as the guitar or drums, but the bass can drive a song too, even if you don't always notice it. Mike Farley's latest Mix Disc Monday offering features 15 tunes with killer bass lines, including tracks from the Police, Nirvana, Wings and the Shins.

Whatshername II (12/03/2007)
Last year, David Medsker gave us a list of songs named after women and added photos of Bullz- Eye models for some bonus eye candy. Mike Farley's Whatshername II playlist, our latest Mix Disc Monday, picks up where David left off, with songs from the Stones and the Cure, and, of course, more photos!

Christine's Sixteen (11/19/2007)
With his friend Christine making a cross-country move in search of her "happily ever after," Will Harris got a little personal with this week's Mix Disc Monday offering. His "Christine's Sixteen" list features 16 tunes with Christine's name in the title, the perfect soundtrack for a coast-to-coast drive.

Guitar solos (11/05/2007)
Has the art of the guitar solo faded into oblivion? Mike Farley seems to think so, and his Guitar Solos playlist may be proof. Our latest Mix Disc Monday offering is loaded with songs featuring killer solos, and it's likely not a coincidence that most of the songs Mike chose fall into the classic rock realm.

Slide guitar (10/22/2007)
In this age of phat beats, canned samples and Pro Tools madness, the slide guitar doesn't get as much attention as it used to. This week, Jeff Giles highlights 15 great slide guitar songs, including tracks by George Harrison, Little Feat, Foghat and Derek & the Dominos.

O Canada (10/15/2007)
Mike Farley says there's more to Canada than hockey and Terrance and Philip, and his "O Canada" list proves it. Some Americans may be quick to dismiss Canadian music, but with a lineup featuring Neil Young, Feist and Our Lady Peace, maybe they should reconsider.

Never, ever, always and forever (10/08/2007)
Never, ever, always and forever. Those are some heavy words for people in relationships, words that David Medsker says can often lead to a breakup. In our latest Mix Disc Monday offering, David highlights 15 tunes featuring those heavy words, including songs from Ween, Cowboy Mouth and The Feeling.

Girl songs (10/01/2007)
As most men can attest, women are the inspiration for a lot of the things we do and say, and Mike Farley's latest Mix Disc Monday offering is proof. His list of Girl Songs features 15 tunes about the fairer sex, including the Shins' "Girl Sailor," the Fratellis' "For the Girl" and Stone Temple Pilots' "Sour Girl."

Numbers songs (09/24/2007)
Numbers are everywhere. They help us connect with people or find out where they live, and as Mike Farley notes, they can also serve as inspiration for a song. Mike's Numbers Mix lists 15 tunes with a number in the title, including songs from Paul Simon, Josh Rouse and the Smashing Pumpkins.

1989 mix (09/17/2007)
Our '80s Mix Disc Monday series concludes with Mike Farley's 1989 mix, a year that marked the tail end of the hair metal days and the emergence of some great new acts. Mike remembers it fondly with a list of tunes from the Smithereens, the 10,000 Maniacs and the Stones.

Comeback songs (09/10/2007)
Jeff Giles explores the tradition of unlikely comebacks in pop music in this Mix Disc Monday offering. In fact, some of the most successful singles of all time have been recorded by artists long since left for commercially dead, including Chicago, Kylie Minogue, George Harrison and Poco.

1988 mix (09/03/2007)
Our '80s Mix Disc Monday series continues with 1988, the year the first George Bush was elected president and Sonny Bono was elected mayor of Palm Springs. While the world was buying hair metal records, Dave Medsker was listening to Underworld and Living Colour in his dorm room.

Back to school (08/27/2007)
School is back in session, the leaves are turning and football is on TV, which inspired Mike Farley to put together a list of songs that remind him of his long-ago school days, a mix that includes tracks by Paul Simon, Josh Rouse and Fountains of Wayne.

1987 mix (08/20/2007)
Our '80s Mix Disc Monday series continues with 1987, arguably one of the greatest years in music history. While Appetite for Destruction and The Joshua Tree came out in '87, David Medsker was spinning more obscure acts like Nitzer Ebb, Age of Chance and The System in his dorm room.

All you need is sex (08/13/2007)
Rock and roll. The very term is a euphemism for sex. Jason Thompson says screw the love songs and cuts straight to the chase with 15 tracks from the likes of Prince, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Stevie Wonder that urge you to get your freak on.

1986 mix (08/06/2007)
Our '80s Mix Disc Monday series continues with 1986, a year many remember for the Challenger explosion, the Iran-Contra Affair and, of course, Bill Buckner. So what was the soundtrack for all of those events? Mike Farley lists tunes from Peter Gabriel, Van Halen and the B-52's.

This ain't your mom's rum and Coca-Cola (07/30/2007)
Jason Thompson offers up a list of drinking songs as proof that rock and roll and substance abuse go hand-in-hand. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's sad, but it makes for great material from the likes of Weezer, Ray Charles and Snoop.

1985 mix (07/23/2007)
Our '80s Mix Disc Monday series continues with the first year of Reagan's second term, 1985. Mike Farley says it's probably best remembered for New Coke, Live Aid and "Back to the Future," but it turns out people were listening to the Replacements, Dire Straits and Sade at the time too.

Got'cha Covered (07/16/2007)
Sometimes cover songs suck mightily, sometimes they're as good as the original, and sometimes they're even better. Jason Thompson's Got'cha Covered playlist features 15 cover tunes that don't suck mightily, with songs by Cracker, Todd Rundgren and Helen Keller Plaid.

1984 mix (07/09/2007)
This week, Will Harris revisits 1984, the year he started getting enough pocket change to buy his own records. George Orwell might have had some apprehensions, but that year offered up some great hits from John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Rockwell and Van Halen.

Summer songs (07/02/2007)
Mike Farley's Summer Songs mix goes the extra mile. This isn't some all-too-obvious list of songs that have the word "summer" in the title. Instead, Mike highlights 15 tunes that remind him of summer for one reason or another, including tracks from Van Halen, the Hooters and Our Lady Peace.

1983 mix (06/25/2007)
Something amazing happened to Will Harris in 1983: his parents got cable, which led to his long- overdue introduction to the wonders of MTV. As such, Will's 1983 mix is more mainstream than his previous '80s playlists, with tunes from Def Leppard, Elton John, U2 and the Police.

Driving songs (06/18/2007)
Grab your keys and fill up the tank. Mike Farley's Driving Songs playlist features selections from the likes of Jane's Addiction, the Stereophonics and Van Halen that make you want to roll down the windows, feel the breeze through your hair and push down on the accelerator.

1982 mix (06/11/2007)
Despite the decade's alleged musical empty- headedness, our '80s Mix Disc Monday series continues with one of David Medsker's favorite years for music, 1982. Check out how Midwestern rock radio and the British rock leanings of MTV collide head-on with artists like Rush, Peter Gabriel and Duran Duran.

Featuring an All-Star Cast! (06/04/2007)
In this week's Mix Disc Monday offering, Will Harris notes that lots of musicians love to list their influences but few actually write a song about them. Will's "Featuring an All-Star Cast" playlist highlights 15 titular tributes, including The Outfield's "John Lennon" and Weezer's "Buddy Holly."

1981 mix (05/28/2007)
This week, Will Harris kicks off a new bi-weekly series exploring the music of the '80s. It's no secret that a lot of bad music came out during the '80s, but Will's 1980 mix shows plenty of good stuff was available too, including tracks from AC/DC, The Cure and Pete Townshend.

I've been everywhere, man (05/21/2007)
We're going from the west coast to the Far East with this week's Mix Disc Monday offering. David Medkser's "I've been everywhere, man" playlist features tunes like Ian Hunter's "Cleveland Rocks and Fluid Ounces' "Tokyo Expressway." Hope you like sushi.

1980 mix (05/14/2007)
This week, Will Harris kicks off a new bi-weekly series exploring the music of the '80s. It's no secret that a lot of bad music came out during the '80s, but Will's 1980 mix shows plenty of good stuff was available too, including tracks from AC/DC, The Cure and Pete Townshend.

Stranger songs (05/07/2007)
Last week, Will Harris gave us his list of Strange Songs. This week, Will kicks it up a adding another letter. His Stranger Songs mix features tunes from Johnny Cash, Billy Joel and Joe Jackson. Just don't count on seeing a "Strangest" compilation anytime soon.

Strange songs (04/30/2007)
Have you ever had the feeling that something’s not quite right? Are things feeling a little odd, maybe a tad bizarre? Will Harris knows the feeling and offers his Strange Songs playlist, featuring tracks from Supergrass, Cream and, of course, the Doors.

Power trios (04/23/2007)
The term "power trio" was popularized by classic rockers like Cream, Rush, and Emerson, Lake & Palmer, but in his latest Mix Disc Monday playlist, Mike Farley says the term also can aptly describe more contemporary acts like the Stereophonics, The Police and Nirvana.

Instrumental songs (04/16/2007)
Mike Farley says you don't need a great vocal to make a great song. In this Mix Disc Monday playlist, Mike highlights some of the best instrumental songs from the past 40 or so years, including tracks from Daft Punk, Van Halen, MuteMath and The Allman Brothers Band.

Nineties modern rock (04/09/2007)
In this week's Mix Disc Monday offering, Mike Farley fondly looks back at nineties modern rock, an era that yielded some great bands like Toad the Wet Sprocket, Better Than Ezra and Big Head Todd & the Monsters. Times have changed (they always do), but here is a sampling of what modern rock once meant.

Seduction songs (04/02/2007)
If you're looking for new ways to put your girl in the mood, Mike Farley's Seduction Songs playlist is for you. Sure, a romantic dinner and a neck rub wouldn't hurt your chances of seducing her, but it's a lock that she won't be able to resist songs from the likes of Marvin Gaye, Barry White & Nada Surf.

Piano songs (03/26/2007)
Songwriters who tickle the ivory often have a different feel to their music. Mike Farley's Piano Songs playlist showcases some of the great piano songs you may know by Ben Folds, Elton John and Coldplay, and some you may not from The Push Stars and Chantal Kreviazuk.

Wes Anderson: Part 2 (03/19/2007)
Last week, John Paulsen explored some of the best songs from Wes Anderson's first three films. This week he finishes the list with the outstanding tracks from "The Royal Tenenbaums" and "The Life Aquatic," including selections from The Ramones, Elliott Smith and Nico.

Wes Anderson: Part 1 (03/12/2007)
Wes Anderson has a knack for taking obscure songs and using them to punctuate important moments in his films. As a result, each song takes on a new meaning within his movies. In this week's Mix Disc Monday edition, John Paulsen takes a look at some of the best songs from Anderson's first three films.

Down Under songs (03/05/2007)
Mention Australia, and most people tend to think about kangaroos, boomerangs and shrimp on the barbey, but Mike Farley thinks about all the great music that's come from Down Under. In our latest Mix Disc Monday offering, Mike highlights tracks from Australia's own Jet, AC/DC, INXS and Neil Finn.

The weather outside is frightful (02/26/2007)
As if Mondays aren't bad enough by themselves, it's adding insult to injury when you wake up to find that not only is your weekend over, but it's freezing outside. Will Harris' latest Mix Disc Monday playlist explores the colder side of life, with cuts from Billy Joel, Nick Cave, Husker Du and others.

Hooray for Hollywood (02/19/2007)
We could've simply chosen a collection of songs by artists who share their names with films for this Mix Disc Monday offering, but with the Oscars looming this weekend, Will Harris' Hooray for Hollywood playlist features tunes that share their titles with Best Picture nominees, including "Deliverance," "Wuthering Heights" and "Sideways."

When the postman don't call on Valentine's Day (02/12/2007)
In this 'holiday' installment of Mix Disc Monday, David Medsker explores two sides of the same Valentine's Day coin. The Pixies and the Beatles say Ain't Love Grand, but U2, Aimee Mann and Axl Rose argue that Love Bites. Who's right and who's wrong depends on how you're spending Valentine's Day this year.

Beat drums! Beat drums! (02/05/2007)
David Medsker's 'Beat Drums! Beat Drums!' playlist features songs that cause you to break out the air drums whenever you hear them. This Mix Disc Monday offering highlights impressive kit work from Carter Beauford, Keith Moon, Dave Grohl and some chap named Ringo.

Guys with guitars (01/29/2007)
This Mix Disc Monday offering is for all you guys who are sick of women stealing the spotlight. Mike Farley's Guys with Guitars playlist showcases some of the best current and vintage male singer/songwriters, including tracks from Pete Yorn, Cat Stevens and Matthew Ryan.

Pop metal classics (01/22/2007)
In the mid-to-late 1980s bands like Guns N' Roses, Def Leppard and Motley Crue reigned on both the album and singles charts. Greg Schwartz's list of Pop Metal Classics highlights songs that still have closet headbangers reaching for the volume dial.

Going solo (01/15/2007)
In most cases, artists who leave a band to begin a solo career don't reproduce the same magic they did as a band member. Mike Farley's Going Solo playlist highlights artists like Neil Finn and Peter Gabriel whose work is either equal to or better than their band's output.

Surprise! (01/08/2007)
Everyone loves a good surprise, assuming you don't have a weak heart, and there's a little something for everyone in Will Harris' Surprise! playlist, including songs from Billy Joel, the Rolling Stones, Semisonic and George Harrison.

Early MTV mix (01/01/2007)
Back in the day, MTV used to play music videos. Seems like ancient history these days, doesn't it? In our first Mix Disc Monday playlist of the new year, Mike Farley offers up an Early MTV mix, with songs many people remember from an era when the network actually lived up to its "Music Television" moniker.

So this is the new year (12/25/2006)
New Year's is about a few things, most notably parties, Dick Clark, drinking, bowl games, drinking and parties. This year, try Mike Farley's New Year's mix for your party, a playlist full of tunes perfect for a drunken New Year's shindig.

A holi-holi-ho, and a holi-holi-hey, another holiday! (12/18/2006)
David Medsker's holiday mix could've easily stretched to 30 songs, but he stuck to the rules and selected 15 of his favorite Christmas pop songs, including festive tunes from the Ramones, Guster, the "South Park" cast, and Bob & Doug McKenzie.

Pretty Persuasion (12/11/2006)
Red Rocker may have been raised on classic rock and hair metal, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a softer side. In this Mix Disc Monday offering, Red presents the 15 prettiest songs he knows, including selections from Lyle Lovett, Neil Young and the Thorns.

Sexy Songstresses (12/04/2006)
You've got to love hot female singers, especially if they've got some talent to back up their looks. Gwen Stafani, Susanna Hoffs and Lisa Loeb, all of whom certainly fit that description, are three of the 15 Sexy Songstresses featured in Mike Farley's latest Mix Disc Monday offering.

The one-hit wonder's other hit (11/27/2006)
There are several legitimate one-hit wonders scattered throughout music history, but there are many artists generally considered one-hit wonders who actually have a handful of successful tunes in their catalog. David Medsker offers 15 of these songs.

Workout Mix (11/20/2006)
When you're trying to work off last night's 12 beers and two dozen chicken wings, sometimes you need a kick in the pants. Mike Farley's Workout Mix features up-tempo tunes that were made to sweat to, including tracks from Van Halen, Yellowcard, Fishbone and Blur.

Wake up! (11/13/2006)
It's never easy to crawl out of bed on a Monday morning, but this "Wake up!" playlist from Will Harris should help ease you into rise-and-shine time, with tunes from R.E.M., Love Spit Love and Green Day as well as the theme song from "The Sopranos."

Rainy Day (11/06/2006)
You know how some songs seem to have been made for rainy days? Mike Farley's Rainy Day playlist features tunes from Josh Rouse, Nick Drake, Mute Math and Toad the Wet Sprocket.

Whatshername (10/30/2006)
David Medsker's "Whatshername" playlist features songs from Ben Folds Five ("Kate"), Scissor Sisters ("Laura") and Elvis Costello ("Veronica"). As a bonus, we've gotten the girls involved, including photos of Bullz-Eye models whose names appear in one of the song titles!

This is Halloween (10/23/2006)
In the first installment of MDM, David Medsker offers a list of tunes that conjure up images of All Hallow's Eve, including selections from Ministry, Gnarls Barkley and the Killers.


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