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2010 Lollapalooza Recap2010 Lollapalooza Recap
August 13, 2010

Green Day and Lady Gaga were two of the biggest acts at Lollapalooza, but who drew the bigger crowd? David Medsker chronicles his weekend at Grant Park.

2010 Jazzfest Recap2010 Jazzfest Recap
May 19, 2010

Greg Schwartz spent five days in the Big Easy and took everything the city threw at him. It was a weekend highlighted by shows from Pearl Jam, Widespread Panic and... Steve Martin?

2010 Ultra Music Fest2010 Ultra Music Fest
April 28, 2010

PMGS headed down to Miami to check out what the world's largest electronic musical festival had in store.

2010 SXSW Recap2010 SXSW Recap
March 29, 2010

No other festival in the world immerses you in four days and nights of music in a city where you not only catch some of your favorite bands, but also randomly discover new favorites on pure happenstance because there is so much going on.

2009 Lollapalooza Recap2009 Lollapalooza Recap
August 14, 2009

The lineup was epic and the weather was biblical. The only thing we were missing was a plague of frogs. And if we had a beer for every Zooey Deschanel wannabe we saw in Grant Park, we’d be dead.

2007 Lollapalooza Recap2007 Lollapalooza Recap
August 10, 2007

Lollapalooza 2007 was all about the kids, with very few bands that would appeal to anyone over 27. It might have been smart for bringing fans back the next year, but it's a slap in the face to the audiences that made Lollapalooza in years past.

02/28/09, San Francisco, CA

Siren Fest
07/19/08, Brooklyn, NY

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
07/02/08, Chicago, IL

The Cure
06/21/08, New York, NY

Death Cab for Cutie
06/10/08, Brooklyn, NY

The Eagles
05/28/08, New York, NY

The Swell Season
05/16/08, Richmond, VA

Flight of the Conchords
05/16/08, Columbus, OH

The New Pornographers
04/23/08, Richmond, VA

Rilo Kiley
04/17/08, San Francisco, CA

Spoon, the Walkmen, White Rabbits
04/12/08, Norfolk, VA

Ben Folds & Eef Barzelay
04/09/08, Norfolk, VA

Eddie Vedder
04/05/08, Santa Cruz, CA

The Black Crowes
03/19/08, San Francisco, CA

Mary J. Blige & Jay-Z
03/28/2008, East Rutherford, NJ

Willie Nelson
03/19/2008, Norfolk, VA

Missy Higgins
03/12/2008, New York, NY

Bon Jovi / Daughtry
02/23/2008, Chicago, IL

Alanis / Matchbox Twenty
02/10/2008, Norfolk, VA

Ryan Adams / the Cardinals
01/28/2008, Berkeley, CA

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