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Sexy Songstresses

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This started out being a list just with bands fronted by lovely ladies, but that wouldn’t be fair to the likes of (and hotness of) Lisa Loeb, Sade and Pat Benatar. So here you have it, a list of songs by sexy singers, whether or not the band bears their name. Enjoy.

“What About Love,” ‘Til Tuesday (Welcome Home)
Okay, Aimee Mann is not hot in the true sense of the word. But she’s cute, intelligent-hot, and a killer songwriter. This song is sexy, catchy and likely one that only hardcore fans will remember.

“The Metro,” Berlin (Pleasure Victim)
Terri Nunn was really hot, and I’m willing to bet lots of dudes lost their virginity to this track in the eighties.

“Rapture,” Blondie (Autoamerican)
This song came along before anyone knew what rap music was. And there is a smoking guitar solo in it to go along with the smoking good looks of Debbie Harry.

“Out of My Hands,” Face To Face (Face to Face)
This major label act from Boston, fronted by lead singer Laurie Sargent, was always just slightly under the radar. But that didn’t obscure the fact that they fucking rocked.

“Just a Girl,” No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom)
Gwen Stefani is one of the sexiest performers in rock today. And she can sing too, at least once you get past those weird trill things she does with her voice in this song.

“Is It a Crime,” Sade (Promise)
I didn’t hear this song until I saw Sade live in concert. And any guy who calls this “chick music” needs to see video footage, because Sade just oozes sexuality.

“If She Knew What She Wants,” The Bangles (Different Light)
Hottie Susanna Hoffs and company can churn out hit songs in their sleep, even though they didn't write this one in particular. Hoffs' voice still makes thirty-something dudes (and forty-something dudes) want to make out with her.

“If I Ain’t Got You,” Alicia Keys (The Diary of Alicia Keys)
If Stevie Wonder could see, Alicia Keys would look just like he pictured her – that is, H-O-T. She has that rare combination of musical ability, songwriting skills and a sexy demeanor. Sign me up for her fan club.

“I’m Gonna Follow You,” Pat Benatar (Crimes of Passion)
There was a video for this song back in the day, but the song stands on its own. Pat was one of a few chicks who revolutionized the role of the female vocalist in a rock band.

“Hey School Boy,” Stefy from (The Orange Album)
A newcomer and possibly the next Gwen Stefani. Well, maybe that’s pushing it, but Stefy Rae is bringing chick rock back to the forefront of the music scene, and this song is the equivalent of a teen boy’s wet dream.

“Happy,” Saving Jane (Girl Next Door)
Lead singer Marti Dodson sent me an autographed picture of herself after reading my review. That alone earned her band a spot on this list. Plus, Saving Jane and this single in particular are climbing the charts as we speak.

“Goodbye to You,” Scandal (Scandal)
When you are talking about rock hotties, you can’t leave out Patty Smyth. That sexy rasp and incredibly addictive hooks made this band one of the best of the eighties.

“Dance with the Angels,” Lisa Loeb (Firecracker)
Is it the glasses? Is it her girl next-door good looks? Not sure, but ask any guy which female vocalist he’d want to take home to Mom, and Lisa would be in almost everyone’s top five. This song is one of the best from her incredible Firecracker album.

“Crazy on You,” Heart (Dreamboat Annie)
Do the Wilson sisters need to prove to anyone that they have to be on this list? I think not.

“Crawling,” Danielle Brisebois (Tonnage)
She was the granddaughter on “Archie’s Place” and later had a solo career before singing backup for the New Radicals and then becoming a pretty good producer. But Danielle, once she blossomed after her child acting career, grew into quite the sexy thing.