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Certain songs were made to sweat to. Most are up-tempo numbers that make you want to work out harder, work up more of said sweat, and just get into the music as you tone your body for more important things…and of course, to work off those 12 beers and two dozen chicken wings you inhaled last night.

“Bleed American,” Jimmy Eat World (Bleed American)
This is one of those songs that starts out at 90 miles an hour and just never lets up. Jimmy Eat World just fucking rocks.

“Breaking the Law,” Judas Priest (British Steel)
Not a song for chicks, because it just has too much testosterone. When Rob Halford had hair, the wind whipped through it on the video for this song.

“Don’t Tell Me You Love Me,” Night Ranger (Dawn Patrol)
Have you ever heard better dueling guitar solos? This is another blazing track that’s perfect to log some foot miles to.

“Flight of Icarus,” Iron Maiden (Piece of Mind)
Forget working out, this song makes you want to fly a plane and drop bombs on countries.

“Freddie’s Dead,” Fishbone (Truth and Soul)
Driven by smoking guitar riffs, this funk/rock band was so ahead of its time but never got the props it deserved. But you can still check them out digitally and if you do, grab this song.

“Hope Song,” Rock Kills Kid (Are You Nervous?)
Okay, I cheated by yanking this song from the “John Tucker Must Die” soundtrack, but I’m willing to bet the rest of their debut album is just as good. Their bio cites the Cure and Jimmy Eat World as influences. Need I say more?

“Light Up the Sky,” Van Halen (Van Halen II)
Pure guitar adrenaline and a few well-placed David Lee Roth screeches. But even more than that, how the hell does Alex Van Halen play the drums that fast?

“Machinehead,” Bush (Sixteen Stone)
If this song doesn’t fire you up, you watch a lot of TV and have the orange glow of Cheetos on your hands.

“Man in the Box,” Alice in Chains (Facelift)
One of the few mid-tempo songs on this list, but it’s got so much energy and balls that you’ll still want to kick someone’s ass.

“Rebel Yell,” Billy Idol (Rebel Yell)
This screaming, spiky-haired lunatic delivers a song that still rocks almost 25 years after it was released. Feel free to pick up the pace during the guitar solo.

“Shaky City,” The Plimsouls (Everywhere at Once)
This band could have been legendary if they had recorded more albums in the ‘80s. If you ever owned this CD or, like me, the (gulp) cassette, you know that this album is so raw and can fire you up on any given day.

“Song 2,” Blur (Blur)
This is one of those songs that they play at sports arenas to fire up the home team and its crowd. What those idiots don’t realize is that this song can easily fire up the visiting team as well.

“Tryin’ to Be Me,” Tommy Lee (Tommyland the Ride)
I can’t explain it, because at first glance this song doesn’t look like it belongs on this list. All I know is, whenever it comes up on my iPod while I’m working out, I just want to run through a wall.

“Walking the Plank,” Apollo Up! (Chariots of Fire)
Why this Nashville based indie rock band isn’t huge is beyond me. But Apollo Up! and in particular this latest album rocks so hard it’s like pure oxygen for your blood.

“Way Away,” Yellowcard, (Ocean Avenue)
We have to have at least one song on here for those who get their workout on a skateboard. But really, you’ll want to do anything fast to this song. Yes, even that.