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Most of us know our fair share of Beatles songs, and we've all heard "Piano Man," "Alive," "Free Fallin'" and "With or Without You." But there's so much more to these bands than the hits that have been played to death on the radio. Maybe you consider yourself a Billy Joel or U2 fan because you own some Greatest Hits collections. Sorry, doesn't qualify. You need to go deeper. Forget "Man on the Moon" and check out REM's Murmur and Lifes Rich Pageant albums. Everyone knows Metallica rawks, but have you ever heard the best tracks off their first album, Kill 'Em All? And you can have "Beast of Burden" -- we'll take the Stones' "Jigsaw Puzzle."

With our Deep Cuts series we tried to expose you to the hidden gems that a band's casual fan most likely has never heard. Click the images below to browse our list of Deep Cuts we published over the years. For all of you true fans out there, we'd love to hear your thoughts or suggestions on our Deep Cuts playlists. Everyone else, happy digging!

Now, with everyone is streaming music, playlists are very easy to make, so use the deep cuts playlists below to make awesome playlists on your Spotify or Apple Music account. Make sure to check out our Mix Disc Monday playlists as well.

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