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Songs that were written on a piano are just different than those written on a guitar. And in some instances, artists that are piano playing songwriters have a different feel to their music and get their message across in a unique way. By reading a TakeLessons Review, you can find a local instructor in your area to help you play these songs. The following list showcases some of the great piano songs that you may or may not know. 

"Will It Go Round in Circles," Billy Preston (Music Is My Life)
Sadly, Billy recently passed away, but in his heyday he wrote some of the catchiest R&B-flavored music on the pop charts. This song might prompt guys to get up and move, even those guys who usually sit at weddings while their wives cut up the dance floor with other wives. 

"Jainy," Five for Fighting (America Town)
Five for Fighting is the band name for John Ondrasik, and you would likely expect loud, boisterous music from someone who names their band after a hockey term. But FFF’s music is more melodic and introspective than anything, and this is a beautiful ballad about, of all things, a hooker. 

"Raining in Baltimore," Counting Crows (August and Everything After)
Some songs evoke moods, and some actually do so to the point that you feel like you’re actually IN the song. This one does that, because when Adam Duritz sings you can feel the rain coming down outside your window, whether you’re in Baltimore or in Southern California. 

"I Don’t Like Mondays," The Boomtown Rats (The Fine Art of Surfacing)
This is a terribly sad song that is the true story about a 13-year-old girl who shot 11 people. Everyone knows Bob Geldof as a pioneer who put together festivals such as Live Aid, but nobody talks about what a powerful songwriter he is. 

"Saturday in the Park," Chicago (Chicago V)
When you think Chicago, you think horns. But this upbeat, ridiculously melodic song begins with one of the most memorable piano hooks in history. 

"Tiny Dancer," Elton John (Madman Across the Water)
When I hear this timeless classic, I think of Kate Hudson in "Almost Famous." Don’t you? 

"Rescued," Jack’s Mannequin (Everything in Transit)
Andrew McMahon is another piano playing singer/songwriter that uses a band name as a moniker. He is also the front man for rock act Something Corporate, but McMahon really shines on his solo stuff. 

"Vienna," The Fray (How to Save a Life)
A lot of you are so sick of this band’s breakout single, "Over My Head (Cable Car)." But their major label debut is as deep as Barry Zito’s pockets and this stunning song is proof. 

"Still," Macy Gray (On How Life Is)
Macy has a distinctively raspy voice, and this hit from her major label debut still stands out as one of her best. 

"Last Night’s Dream," The Push Stars (Opening Time)
Chris Trapper is not known as a piano man, but this song will make you wonder why he doesn’t make more use of the instrument. 

"Trouble," Coldplay (Parachutes)
"Yellow" was Coldplay’s first breakout single, but this track is so utterly sad and moving at the same time. 

"Still Fighting It," Ben Folds (Rockin’ the Suburbs)
Leaving Ben off this list would be like leaving Pamela Anderson off a list of big breasted blondes.  

"The Pretender," Jackson Browne (The Pretender)
The title track to Browne’s classic 1976 album could be the theme song to a generation’s working class. I mean, who doesn’t long for love and struggle for legal tender? 

"Surrounded," Chantal Kreviazuk (Under These Rocks and Stones)
This is for all you Gen-X’ers, or Gen Y’ers, or whatever that generation is that loves the ‘90s. Seriously, though, Chantal is a Canadian cutie that was one of the more underrated Lilith Fair types. 

"Crying Like a Church on Monday," The New Radicals (Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too)
This is one of the greatest pop albums of the last ten years, and if you are only familiar with the Radical’s big hit, "You Get What You Give," do yourself a favor and find this album. This track is a perfect closing number on the record and for this mix.