Driving Songs, Driving Mix

Driving Songs, Driving Mix

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You know those songs you hear while driving that make you want to roll down the windows, feel the breeze through your hair and push down on the accelerator? Yeah, some of them have that effect more than others, and we've assembled a sampling here. Now remember, buckle up and watch those speed traps! 

"They're On to Me," Ari Hest (Someone to Tell)
Yeah, it starts out with an acoustic guitar, but don't let that fool you. This song has a breezy feel that will make you want to feel that breeze through your flowing locks, or what used to be flowing locks.  

"Anything, Anything," Dramarama (Cinema Verite)
I have no idea how a drummer plays this fast, but when he does it makes the whole song move along at warped speed, and this classic (though somewhat under the radar) ‘80s track is no exception.  

"Flathead," The Fratellis (Costello Music)
The song helped to sell iPods before helping to launch this Scottish band here in the States, and it's a good one to crank in your car – fast, fun, and furious. 

"Another White Dash," Butterfly Boucher (Flutterby)
Yeah, this one has literal meaning – watching the white dashes on the freeway as you're driving by, waiting to get to the next truck stop so you can load up on caffeine, sugar, and beef jerky.  

"RADAR," The Kicks (Hello Hong Kong)
Rumor has it that this band split up, and that's a shame. But that doesn't mean you still can't buy this song and crank the shit out of it in your car.  

"Little of Your Time," Maroon 5 (It Won't Be Soon Before Long)
Enough rock edge to satisfy you guys, and enough of a Latin pop flavor to make that hottie in your passenger seat bounce around too.

"Doorman," Stereophonics (Language. Sex. Violence. Other?)
A friend of mine put it best recently when describing British band Stereophonics: "Those guys are FUCKING rock stars." They are, and this song may just blow your speakers out. 

"Major Tom (Coming Home)," Peter Schilling (Error in the System)
When you hear this track while driving, you'll want to put the cruise control on, climb out your window, and dance on the hood of your vehicle. Look at you, you've got superpowers.  

"Private Idaho," The B-52's (Wild Planet)
It doesn't matter if you're driving through Idaho, Los Angeles, or Siberia….this song will rock and make you happy just the same.  

"Oh Jungleland," Simple Minds (Once Upon a Time)
It's not the best-known Simple Minds song, but it blazes like no other cut Jim Kerr and company ever put out.  

"Flight of Icarus," Iron Maiden (Piece of Mind)
True story: my band and I were driving home from Ann Arbor to Cleveland after a gig, and we had these two-way radios because we were in separate vehicles. Our drummer, a passenger in the other car, heard this song on the radio and two-wayed it to the rest of us, while driving by and bobbing his head like Beavis and Butthead.  

"Been Caught Stealing," Jane's Addiction (Ritual de lo Habitual)
If you crank this one up loud enough, the barking dogs in it will frighten other drivers on the road, and wake up any dog within 20 miles.  

"Rock Brigade," Def Leppard (On Through the Night)
The first song on the first album Def Leppard ever released is still one of their best, and it'll sound better at 100 MPH. Not that we condone that sort of thing.  

"Butterfly," Crazy Town (The Gift of Game)
In our driving mix, we need a song that you can cruise slowly through town on while scantily clad hotties admire your wheels. Unless you're driving your mom's Honda. 

"Light up the Sky," Van Halen (Van Halen II)
Another song that just moves faster than you can probably drive. Or maybe not. No, that's not a challenge. Just crank up the music and enjoy the ride.