OGIO Velocity golf bag review

OGIO Velocity: The only golf bag that matters?

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You don't think of golf bags as the kind of thing that can radically advance with technology like, say, the clubs that the golf bag holds, but OGIO's Velocity bag should change that perception. Between the weight (you could pick up an empty bag with your pinkie) and the design, this is one bag that is absolutely worth its higher than average price.

OGIO VelocityThe Velocity's biggest selling feature is its weight. It's just over three pounds, which means if you strap an empty one on your back, you'll barely notice it's there. And while that is a nifty feature, the bag would be nothing without its smart design. The retractable legs have feet on them that are roughly two inches wide (compared to our last bag, which had no feet and ultimately developed major balance issues), and the dividers – of which there are seven, so you can split up your woods for easy access – go from the top of the bag to the bottom, so you'll never have to deal with club handles getting tangled in a knot. There is also a hard plastic handle between the top two dividers, providing another convenient manner for carrying the bag.

The zipped pockets were also smartly designed. There is a tiny U-shaped pocket just beneath the side handle that is perfect for tees, and a pocket beneath that one that is ideal for gloves. Balls can go in the long pocket on the right hand side, and the pocket in the upper right is lined, in case you have anything that needs to be protected from the elements. (There is also a zip cover for the clubs in the event of rain.) There is a small open pouch to the left that is ideal for ball markers and divot replacers. There are two other pockets that, at present, we don't even need, but we'll surely come up with something. Maybe that is where we install the beer tap.

If there is anything that could use some work, it is the straps. They tend to twist and bunch up when carrying the bag on your back. It's not painful so much as it's annoying, but it's a nuisance just the same. That is the only negative thing, though, that there is to say about the Velocity. It might be a little pricey, but it is worth every penny.

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