Matt Damon's weight gain in "The Informant"

Matt Damon's weight gain in "The Informant"

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Dubbed the sexiest man alive in 2007, Jason Bourne A.K.A Matt Damon put on a lot of weight for “The Informant,” where he played a FBI whistleblower with a bulging tummy and a mustache. Not looking so sexy anymore, Damon played the part of Mark Whitacre, a corporate hotshot, who dons a mustache, some wiretaps and a pudgy nose as an FBI informant, in Steven Sodenbergh’s 2009 movie.

Damon says he didn't have to work really hard to gain the weight. At his age (38 years), he says all he had to do was eat like he used to in college, and the weight kept adding in. It’s a little scary, thinks Damon, who gained over 30 pounds for the movie. However, the funny thing is, even elderly women find him sexier now, says the actor. At his home in Decatur, Illinois, he says it’s not rare for friendly women to come up and tell him he is looking far sexier in person than in his movies. With his extra weight, Damon, stodgy as a he looks now, with dirty blonde hair and mustache, says he feels funny that women think so.

As to how he would regain his earlier physique, and shed the extra 30 pounds, Damon has not given a thought to it yet, he says. Truth or not, shedding 30 pounds will not be as easy as gaining them, my man. Maybe weight loss drugs like Xenical and other diet pills would help.

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