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The boys are back - first "Entourage" trailer hits

The "Entourage" movie is definitely happening, and now we have the first trailer from next summer's feature film. It looks like the entire gang is back, along with as Sloan and a slew of new hotties led by Emily Ratajkowski. Rumor is that lovely Alice Eve will make a guest appearance, probably to wrap up the idiotic engagement storyline from the final episodes.

You can check out the and check out our for our past coverage of the hit HBO show.

Entourage 8.8 - The End

Entourage 8.7 - Second to Last

As far as penultimate episodes go, “Entourage” has done a pretty stellar job of getting all its ducks in a row leading up to next week’s series finale. The journey getting there hasn’t been quite as linear as I had expected with so few episodes, but the various twists and turns have at least kept things fairly interesting. Instead of my usual recap, however, I’m going to break formula a little this week by talking more about the potential outcomes for each of the five main characters following the events of tonight’s episode.

Obviously, I don’t mean that Vince is going to quit acting, move to Connecticut and start a family, but it definitely seems like he’s ready to start the next chapter of his life. Though trying to win over Sophia’s approval by making a video of interviews from ex-lovers might not sound like the greatest idea, it still had the desired effect – at least when combined with Drama and Turtle’s personal anecdotes. I still don't buy the idea that Sophia is the first woman that Vince has ever pursued this intensely (a case can be made for both Mandy Moore and Sasha Grey), but he does seem like a new man after leaving rehab, and it’s nice to see him finally focusing on the important things in life.

The one thing that Drama has wanted more than anything else since the show’s first season was to be taken seriously as an actor – something that has eluded him even when he was part of a hit TV series. But this miner movie sounds like it’s finally going to get him the respect he so desperately desires, especially when everyone in Hollywood seems to love Billy Walsh’s script. Of course, a lot of them also think that it’s too good for someone of Drama’s abilities, but Vince is so determined to make the movie with his big brother as the star that he donated $100,000 to Phil’s favorite charity in order to convince him to move ahead with the project. Could an Emmy nomination be far off?

Out of anyone in the group, Eric seemed the least likely to get his happy ending, if only because he and Sloan haven’t really spoken much since their break-up. It doesn’t help that Eric’s been acting like a world-class douche lately (i.e. sleeping with Melinda and refusing to work with Johnny Galecki), but even when he's trash-talking Sloan, it’s obvious that he still has feelings for her. And now that he knows that she's pregnant with his baby, you can be sure that he’s going to do whatever it takes to win back her trust and affection, although I’m not sure he ever lost it. Sloan says that she can’t be with Eric because her family hates him, but she clearly still cares about him or she wouldn’t be trying so hard to push him away. My guess? Eric will leave Hollywood to start a family with Sloan in New York. It's not like it hasn't been building towards this over the last few seasons anyway, and it's the only way that Eric will ever truly be happy.

I have to admit that I was never the biggest Turtle fan when I first started watching the show, but over the years, as the character was given more to do and Jerry Ferrara improved as an actor, he’s slowly become my favorite. Which is why I hate to see him always getting the short end of the stick, like in this latest season, which found him forced out of Avion by his partners, dumped by Alex, and then mistreated by the Don Peppe’s reps, who don’t seem to care how much work or money he's already put into the restaurant because they don’t carry any of the risk. Learning that Avion went public was like kicking the poor guy when he was down, but thanks to Vince’s own belief in him, Turtle will have his day in the sun after all. It’s a little hard to believe that someone who started out as the ultimate celebrity mooch is now a multimillionaire businessman, but that’s the kind of fantasy ending that fans of the show have to come to expect.

When the season began, the sheer suggestion that Ari and his wife might get a divorce seemed preposterous, but as the weeks went on, it looked more and more like it was actually going to happen. As anyone who reads this blog already knows, I’ve never been fond of the idea of splitting those two up, but I’ve learned to accept that it’s a possibility, and was even looking forward to Ari starting over with Dana Gordon. But after that discussion between the two of them tonight where Ari admitted that he’s still in love with his wife, there doesn't seem to be any other outcome save for Mrs. Ari taking him back.

So, what do you think about my predictions? Will everyone get a happy ending or are some of the guys primed for disappointment? Let me know in the comments section below and then come back next week following the series finale to see how it all ends.

Entourage 8.6 - The Big Bang

Entourage 8.5 - Motherfucker

After last week’s mostly uneventful episode, I was starting to get worried that this final season might end up being just a whole bunch of filler. But thankfully, there’s plenty to talk about tonight, starting with the latest development from the Vincent Chase career rehabilitation saga. Though it wasn’t totally surprising that Vince would botch his interview with the reporter once he realized that she was smoking hot, I expected much worse to come from all his flirting. Instead, Vince took it upon himself to make things right, and though he did successfully smooth things over by giving a good second interview, he still had the urge to hit on her again when it was over. Vince claims that he’s in love, but this has happened too many times before for anyone to seriously believe that it’ll end any differently.

And as one Chase brother attempts to put his career back together, the other is coming dangerously close to tearing his apart. Then again, can you blame him? While Drama has tried to stick it out after Dice’s decision to walk from the show, his new replacement has become insufferable to work with, even going so far as to criticize his performance in the recording booth. Desperate to get Dice back at any cost, Drama makes the unselfish offer to give him the difference in his pay so that they would be making the same amount. Dice graciously declines, however, stating that if anyone’s going to pay him, it’ll be the network, and is confident they’re going to give in to his demands soon.

But Phil doesn’t think that’s the case, letting Drama in on the secret that the network is so pleased with his work that they’re planning to tailor the entire show around him. Granted, I thought that’s what they were doing this whole time by making a cartoon called “Johnny’s Bananas,” but I digress. Drama feels that if the network really believes in him that much, however, that they would be willing to do anything he asks, so he decides to walk from the show in an attempt to convince them that the cartoon will only be successful with Dice’s involvement. That would have been a pretty boneheaded decision a few weeks ago, but now that Drama knows what he does, it’s his best chance of saving the show. It also proves just how much he’s matured over the last eight seasons, because I don’t think a younger Drama would have done the same.

Meanwhile, the chances of Ari getting back together with his wife are looking smaller and smaller each week. After a day at Disneyland with the kids gets cancelled due to work, Mrs. Ari informs him that she’s filing for a divorce – not because of his recent fling with Dana, but because he consistently puts work before family. I think we all knew that this was where things were heading all along, but it’s still strange to watch as it develops, especially because Ari and his wife always seemed like the one (somewhat) healthy relationship on the show. Fortunately, that only opens the door for Ari and Dana to hook up permanently. You may have been able to cut the tension between the two of them with a knife during that earlier meeting, but Dana seems willing to give Ari another chance, and I can’t imagine him messing it up again. The two are perfect for each other, if maybe a little too much.

Other thoughts from the episode:

* The whole subplot revolving around Eric banging Sloan’s ex-stepmother (and then learning that she did it to get revenge on Terrence) was so silly and contrived that, quite honestly, it doesn’t even deserve a mention here. It was likely just included as a way to keep the Eric-Sloan break-up fresh in everyone’s mind for their inevitable reunion.

* With all this talk from Turtle about his plans for Don Peppe’s, we’ve yet to see any actual progress on his part. Why would Vince even bother promoting it if it’s still nothing more than an idea? And with only three more episodes to go, it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon.

* Ari needs to get drunk more often, because tonight’s bender resulted in one of his funniest scenes in a while. “Fuck you, plant. Fuck you, 20 inch screen…” Apparently, the Ari we all know and love has been hiding at the bottom of a bottle all this time.

Entourage 8.4 - Whiz Kid

Entourage 8.3 - One Last Shot

If there was ever any doubt that Vince would be able to kick his drug habit without relapsing even once, then tonight’s episode surely put an end to that debate, as it’s hard to imagine him even thinking about cocaine after what he witnessed. Though everyone warned him not to trust producer Carl Ertz (who, in addition to screwing him out of a movie a few years ago, didn’t appear nearly as drug-free as he claimed), Vince was all too willing to give him a second chance.

And though it looked like his faith in Ertz was actually going to pay off after CBS agreed to produce Vince’s TV movie with Drama attached, it all came tumbling down when he realized that Ertz was only doing him a favor so that he could pitch him some crappy action thriller called “Tax Man.” Turtle knew right away that something wasn’t right, but Vince was determined to stay and help Ertz get through his latest drug bender without anyone getting harmed. I kept telling myself that it wasn’t going to end well, and sure enough, Ertz ended up locking himself in his bathroom and shooting himself in the head. Talk about scaring someone straight. I've never seen Vince that shaken up before, and that includes his recent brush with death on that Nick Cassavetes movie.

While Vince tried to play sponsor to Ertz, Eric and Scotty were busy making sure that Drama didn’t shoot himself in the foot by siding with Dice over his contract demands. Though Drama wasn’t exactly opposed to the idea of making more money, after Phil reminded him of a past gig he had (a ‘90s cop show called “Concrete Heat”) that tested through the roof only to last a single week on the air, Drama agreed that it probably wasn't worth the risk. Unfortunately, Dice refused to budge, and though Eric told him that the network would just fire him if he threatened to walk off the show, Dice decided to take his chances. As it turns out, it was a lose-lose situation for everyone involved. Dice got the boot, and in trying to replace him with an impersonator (played by Jamie Kennedy), Phil may have just ruined the only good thing that “Johnny’s Bananas” had going for it. Drama definitely didn’t look too happy about his new castmate, while Billy Walsh threw a king-sized hissy fit and stormed out of the building in classic fashion.

As for poor Turtle, he got the short end of the stick again this week with yet another terrible subplot. The writers just haven’t been handling his character particularly well this season, and tonight’s episode was yet another example of that. During a meeting with Carlos while in town on Avion business, Turtle learns that a) he’s being forced into early “retirement," and b) Alex is breaking up with him because she’s met someone else. Seriously? You want us to believe that this supposedly strong and independent female relied on her uncle to deliver the news to Turtle? That’s pretty lame. Thankfully, Turtle’s not wasting any time in moving on to the next big thing, and after cashing out on his stock options with the company, he’s planning to open a branch of famed New York restaurant Don Peppe in Los Angeles. Now that's a story I can get behind.

At least someone had a little luck tonight, with Ari finally agreeing to go on a date after Vince suggests that it might help him get his mind off Mrs. Ari. But while the girl was certainly cute (although perhaps a tad young for Ari), he just didn’t seem that interested, even when she invited him up to her apartment for a little post-dinner sex. Instead, he called up Dana Gordon to chat, and before they knew it, the two were in bed together reminiscing about the good old days before he was married. I don’t think anyone saw that coming, but I’ve always been a fan of Dana, so if the writers did decide to make Ari's separation permanent, she’d make a great replacement. Then again, I can’t imagine the kind of trouble this is going to cause when they try to do business together.

Entourage 8.2 - Out with a Bang

Entourage 8.1 - Home Sweet Home

Tonight's season premiere of "Entourage" was about one thing and one thing only: picking Vincent Chase up out of the gutter and getting his career back on track... again. After a 90-day stint in rehab, Vince is finally free to return home, but little does he know that Drama has been obsessing over making sure that his baby brother doesn't relapse. Along with getting rid of all the real drugs and alcohol in the house, Drama goes so far as to even prevent any pill-shaped substance from being in sight, whether it's an Advil or a Tic-Tac. It doesn't take long for Vince to realize that the gang is babying him (even more than normal), and how could he not? Everyone was acting so awkward the minute he stepped out of the rehab clinic that it was only a matter of time before he called them out on it.

Vince seems willing to put up with all the coddling, however, if it means he can get back to work. And amazingly, Warner Bros. still wants him as the star of that Stan Lee superhero film, "Airwalker," as long he's willing to take a drug test. But the movie doesn't start shooting until March, and Vince is raring to go, so he suggests directing his own film about a real-life story of Romanian miners getting trapped underground. The rest of the guys think it sounds terrible (a Lifetime movie-of-the-week at best), but because they're trying to be supportive, they refrain from telling him the truth. That is until Eric, who's still a little pissed at Vince for ignoring him while he was away, speaks his mind.

You can hardly blame him for being so grouchy lately. Though he's enjoying professional success after taking over Murray's management agency alongside Scotty Lavin (who, despite being partners, still fight like a couple of siblings), Eric's personal life is in the dumps following Sloan's decision to call off the marriage when he refused to sign a prenup. I'm guessing it was more of a matter of integrity than Eric simply being greedy, but that didn't stop Sloan from sending back the engagement ring in an envelope. And as the gang so humorously points out, "not even a padded one."

In fact, no one seems to be having any luck with the ladies at the moment. Scotty Lavin struck out with a trio of hotties at Vince's welcome home party (although that probably wasn't the best pick-up line to try out), and Ari is currently 10 weeks into a trial separation with his wife, despite telling his son that it's only temporary. You really have to feel bad for the guy, because of all the nasty things that he's done over the last seven seasons, he's always done right by his family. And that was quite the bombshell that Mrs. Ari dropped on him when she explained that the reason she wasn't ready to get back together yet was because she was seeing someone else. Jeremy Piven handled the scene wonderfully, and the final shot of him with his back turned to the rest of the guys as they watched the house burn down was pretty heartbreaking.

Other thoughts from the episode:

* After Vince assured Eric that he wasn't mad at him, but merely disappointed, he stated how imperative it was that he have a "big year." I understand the need to put his past transgressions behind him and get back to work, but didn't he just have a pretty big year working with Martin Scorsese and Frank Darabont? I'm just saying.

* We finally got our first look at "Johnny's Bananas" in action, and, well, it's just as bad as I imagined. How could anyone have realistically thought this would be a good idea?

* Turtle's doing quite well for himself these days. Not only does he own a piece of Avion, but he's still dating Alex, who also happens to be the new spokesmodel of the tequila. And do my eyes deceive me, or has Turtle slimmed down? Good on you, brother.

HBO Bids Adieu to "Entourage" After Eight Seasons

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