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Oh, how we love to hate America’s media princess Paris Hilton, but let’s get one thing straight: she’s still a babe. Sporting her bright blond hair and sexy physique, Paris didn’t always look so good. It took plenty of Daddy’s hard-earned hotel money to make her the way she is today, but who really cares? Born in 1981, Paris is the great-granddaughter of the founder of Hilton hotels, Conrad Hilton - who along with building the family fortune is also known for his marriage to Elizabeth Taylor. Raised around fancy New York and California-based lifestyles of wealth and luxury, Paris never really showed much interest in working for a living (go figure), so after graduating from high school in 1999, she decided to take the much easier road to success by exploiting her position as a famous personality. Even though she was already popping up in all of the popular magazines as a wild party girl, Paris quickly grew tired of depending on her family’s riches and began work as a fashion model, snatching up jobs with the trendiest designers and shooting layouts for the hottest men’s magazines.

All while Paris created a respectable reputation in the fashion world, she also became the center of attention for the media as they exposed her numerous relationships with men like Leonardo DiCaprio and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, as well as her gratuitous party life alongside sister Nicky. In 2001, Paris accelerated her popularity by making her small, but much-publicized leap over to TV in the reality series “The Simple Life” and in a number of cameo film roles. On top of her growing acting career, Paris has been keeping busy, including the debut of her high-end designer purses, her charity work of Toys for Tots, and the release of a music recording. She also made news when the notorious Paris Hilton tape with ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon made its way on to the Internet, and another shortly followed. She naturally followed the path of other d-list celebs who let their bedroom exploits generate massive publicity. Paris did finally made a dent in Hollywood, but her attempts to be taken more seriously have fallen flat. We wouldn’t imagine too much out of Paris over the next few years, but with patience, practice, and a lot of luck, she might just turn out better than expected.

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Paris Hilton on the Screen

Paris' latest claim to fame, aside from the well-publicized home sex video that exploded on the internet, is her FOX reality show with fellow heiress-to-be Nicole Ritchie, "The Simple Life," now in its third season. She has also made cameo appearances in the films "Wonderland," "Cat in the Hat" and "Raising Helen."

Paris Says

On fame:
"I don't want to be known as the granddaughter of the Hiltons. I want to be known as Paris."

On her personality:
“I think the biggest misconception about me is that I’m this spoiled brat. But I’m not. I’m, like, the total opposite.”

On blue-collar shopping:
"Wal-Mart, what's that? Do they, like, make walls there?"