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Up-and-comer Anne Hathaway isn’t as popular as she probably should be for one reason: she does a lot of kid movies. Career choices aside, Anne is one sexy girl and is shaping up to be one of the hottest young actresses in the business. Born and raised on the East Coast, Anne started her career as an entertainer in high school when she performed at Carnegie Hall as part of a choir chorus. She was offered her very first acting role just three days later in the short-lived sitcom “Get Real.”

It wasn’t until a few years and one high school diploma later that Anne finally got her first big gig: the lead role in Disney’s “The Princess Diaries.” Along with earning nominations for who-really-cares award shows like the Teen Choice and MTV Movie Awards, the success of the film introduced her to a crowd of adoring teenage girl fans, a movie sequel and a part in another kid film, “Ella Enchanted.” Anne is far past maturity, though, so it’s been nice to see her grow up on screen. Most recently, Anne appeared alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in the gay cowboy romance film “Brokeback Mountain” and also showed her assets for the direct-to-DVD flick “Havoc.” Let’s hope Anne continues to grow so that we can see more of her on the big screen in the future.

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An online database of Anne's short film career.

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An online database of Anne's short film career.

Anne Hathaway on the Screen

Anne started off doing films mostly targeted for younger audiences ("The Princess Diaries" and "Ella Enchanted), but has recently started taking on more mature roles in films like "Havoc" (in which she can be seen topless) and That Big Gay Cowboy Movie, "Brokeback Mountain."

Anne Says

On guys:
“I've intimidated men my entire life and it has nothing to do with fame.”


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