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Phil is arguably the greatest Texas Hold 'Em player in history and with eleven World Series of Poker victories and more than fifty tournament titles, Hellmuth is well on his way to cementing his poker legacy, one that began shortly after his graduation from the University of Wisconsin. In fact, his laundry list of achievements in 1989 began at the tender age of 24 with his first World Series of Poker title, the youngest person to ever accomplish such a feat. He has since amassed dozens of major tournament wins internationally, including wins at The World's Biggest Seven-card Stud Tournament in Austria and Late Night Poker in Great Britain.

After all of his success, it is no surprise that in 1996, Hellmuth's poker-playing peers voted him the "best all-around tournament poker player in the word" and Oakley eyewear and EA Sports call him a "poker icon." Hellmuth has won more than 50 tournaments, including winning an astounding ten World Series of Poker bracelets.

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Hellmuth took home a first place finish in one of the No-Limit Hold’em tournaments at the 2007 World Series of Poker. In two other No-Limit tournaments, he finished 25th and sixth, respectively.  

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Phil Says

On if he thinks poker will continue to rise in popularity:

“I really think poker is going to get bigger. It's a new philosophy that I have just recently acquired. Seeing the number of high school and college age kids and younger that just love poker and understanding that these kids, a lot of them have to give up on their dreams of being a great athlete early. How many kids can be a great basketball player? How many kids can be a great football player?

Well, in poker - all races, nationalities, sizes, it doesn't matter what you do, who you are - male, female - you can become a great poker player. I think these kids understand it.”

On when he decided to become a card player:

“Well, I started playing in games around the University of Wisconsin campus and the next thing I knew, I had $20,000 in the bank. And this is like 1986. I mean, back then if you made 30 thousand a year, that was pretty good, right? Here I had 20 thousand in cash in the bank and my loans were paid off. Back then, in Vegas you could win $10,000 to $20,000 pretty easily in a day. The World Series of Poker in '89 when I won it was $750,000 for first. I told myself, "Where else can I make this kind of money?" So I started playing poker professionally. I never had a job. I had a job when I was in college, but I never had to work.”

On if he played in any shady games when he first started out:

"I never really had to worry about that much, which was a huge benefit to me. I know that I got cheated on a cruise ship. I was basically warned to avoid the games. But, from my perspective, I was 24 years old; I'd won all kinds of poker tournaments, including the World Series of Poker. I'd won a lot of money in the side games. And, I didn't even think cheating was possible. For an unknown kid to come along and win all these events, cheating couldn't exist. Or so I reasoned. Then I got caught on a cruise ship where they cheated me."