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Few things are funnier than a well-executed prank. Throw in video recorders and the possibilities are endless. Here are some great prank videos and prank video web sites.

Featured Prank Videos

This elevator ghost prank video from Barzil is hilarious! It goe on and on and you can't stop watching.

Prank Video Web Sites

Big Stupid Idiot
Awesome prank videos brought to you by the gang at 

Atom Films
Atom has tons of slick videos usually produced by professionals. You won’t see any crappy home videos here. Pranks
ZUG is the place for pranks, period! Tons of hilarious prank videos, prank pictures, and prank phone calls, updated every freaking day.
Hilarious and sometimes R-rated videos from the crazy gang at College Humor. 

The site that is changing everything. 

Ebaum’s World
One of the most well-known prank sites on the internet. Their collection of funny video clips is constantly being updated and is a must see for everyone that wants to see the best clips on the internet. 

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