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Few things are funnier than a well-executed prank. Throw in video recorders and the possibilities are endless. Here are some great prank videos and prank video web sites.

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This elevator ghost prank video from Brazil is hilarious! It goe on and on and you can't stop watching.

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Great Instagram account devoted to prank videos.

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Great list.

Best 10 Prank Videos to Make Your Day (and Prank Ideas)
How many of you have heard the statement on some of the YouTube channels doing crazy stuff initially? Of course, many times! It looks like a kind of ritual now to first grab the attention of viewers by saying that it's a truth and then revealing later about the prank thing. However, almost all the best pranks on YouTube mention specific gags. And, these pranks sometimes go very emotional or opposite as against the initial observations of a prankster. Well, they know that results are going to be a mess! Still, they follow such a culture on YouTube to gain popularity and provide some fun content to viewers.

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