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"Dude, watch this!" Those three simple words have led to more trips to the hospital, police station and probably even the morgue than can even be counted. Thankfully many of these idiots decide to record their amazing acts of insanity and submit them sites like the ones below. While these sites may have funny videos as well, they mostly focus on shocking "Jackass"-style feats performed by wanna-be Johnny Knoxvilles. 

Here's one that's crazy in a completely different way. Norm MacDonald hosted the ESPYs in the late 90s and gave one of the nuttest opening monologues you'll ever see. Watch it until the end. The last crack is crazy!

We love crazy rednecks. This stunt is pretty amazing!

Ultimate belly flops.

Crazy Video Web Sites
I guess what’s “Too Shocking” is really a matter of personal preference, but be warned the stuff on this site is pretty damn shocking. If animal/human cruelty isn’t your bag then whatever you do don’t click on that link.
Nearly every single page one this site features a video of someone getting really, really, really hurt in any of a variety of ways. Dudes lighting themselves on fire? Check. People falling from way-too-high-up-places? Check. Incidents involving animals that should never be provoked? Double check.
While this site does feature a variety of videos, its focus is on exteme fighting clips. Whether you are looking for clips from UFC matches, Pride Fighting Championships or just two dudes beating the crap out of each other in the park, odds are you’ll see it here. Hope you got a good threshold for watching pain.
No, it’s not a site dedicated to explosive diarrhea (thank God), but some of the clips at this site might make you crap yourself if you aren’t careful.
The name of the site is If you need further explanation then perhaps you’ve been in one too many car crashes. Another site that’s not for the squeamish.

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