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Let’s face it, music television is dead and it’s never coming back. So if you want to find the hottest new videos, as well as your favorite classic video clips, you’re going to have to go online. Sites like YouTube have changed everything as you can see official music videos and TONS of live performances.

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Featured Music Videos

This first one features the beautiful Beyoncé Knowles.

Music Videos Around the Web 

Awkward Rap
A hip-hop tribute to life's most uncomfortable moments
I'm bo yo!
Very strange, and totally hilarious.

Featured Music Video Sites 

There are tons of music videos and live music clips loaded on YouTube. Type in your favorite artist and you’ll be amazed how much great stuff comes up.
Surprisingly MTV does still show music videos, they just do it online only. On the plus side this site has nearly music video you’d ever care to see by every damn artist in the freaking world. On the downside it’s pretty bandwidth heavy and chock-full of ads. So you get the good with the bad. - Videos
This excellent music blog has tons of videos from all sorts of music genres.
MTV’s younger, but shockingly more mature brother also has their own online video station. This on is called “The V-Spot” and it’s pretty slick. The video player launches in its own window and the picture/audio quality is better that what you’ll find on MTV’s site. They also have a collection of exclusive live performances too. The videos at their site seem to be tailored towards VH1’s older, more mellow demographic though, so don’t go looking for Slayer vids because you won’t find them.
iFilm’s music video collection is a nice mix of old and new, so you can rock out to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and Pink’s “U and Ur Hand” back-to-back. The video quality is good and the interface may be overly simple, but that does make it an easy-to-navigate site.
You kids and your MySpace pages, you love to trick them out with flashy graphics, stupid quizzes and, most importantly, your favorite music videos. This site not only allows you to watch thousands of your favorite videos, but it also gives you the code you can insert into your MySpace, Facebook or whatever page so you can showcase it on your blog or whatever you want. 

Anime Music Videos
Do you really like Weezer? Do you really like Akira? Ever wish you could see a music video combining them both? Odds are you can find it at The Anime Music Video website. Featuring work done by amateur editors with too much anime and free time on their hands, this shrine to copyright infringement takes some of your favorite tunes and gives them new videos using scenes from countless different anime movies and TV shows.  

Submarine Channel
An awesome set of great videos for great songs made by great directors and great artists. This artsy site has a collection of themed music video channels for directors like Spike Jonze as well as settings like New York and themes such as “French New Wave.” Even better…there isn’t a single commercial on the damn site!
They may be the biggest collection of jaded elitist music critic pricks on the internet, but their 100 Awesome Music Videos feature is still one of the best collections of music videos on the internet. If a YouTube link on the list doesn’t work just do a search for the video, you’ll find another YouTube link that does, and the pointlessness of removing videos from YouTube rears its ugly head again.

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