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The World Wide Web first came into existence in the early 90s, and videos of people getting into serious crashes came were most likely uploaded about 20 minutes later. Whether it’s by car, skateboard, ski, rollerblade, bike, motorcycle or boat, we as a people love to marvel at the potentially life-threatening accidents caused by other people, and potentially point and laugh at them. Seriously, without crashes, would anyone really care about NASCAR? 

With the advent of shows like Jackass, many have taken things to the next level, putting together videos of every kind of crazy crash scene you can imagine. We have to admit it, some of them are hilarious. 

Featured Crash Videos

This first one has girls on bikes. What could go wrong?

Crash Video Web Sites Crashes
Metacafe has a gigantic collection of videos so it only makes sense they’d have more than a fair share of crash videos. This link will take you to a huge list featuring every single video on Metacafe that has a “crash” tag on it. While there are some mislabeled videos occasionally appearing on the list (including one a baby whistling for some odd reason) there are enough videos of car, skateboard, bike and other vehicle crashes here to keep you morbidly fascinated for days.

The Car Crash Blog
This blog is dedicated to crash videos and nothing else. Contrary to their title they occasionally feature airplane and helicopter crash, but the focus is on car crashes. The majority of the content here features race car crashes of various kinds, from Formula 1 to drag racing. There are a couple fatal crashes listed, but they are flagged so you know ahead of time.

Top Speed
Top Speed is a decent blog that is regularly updated with the latest news and views from the car world. But if you don’t care about all that crap and just want to see fiberglass and steel get torn apart just click on this link and go straight to their impressive collection of crash videos.

Car Insurance Videos
“Let’s hope these people have a good insurance company.” That grammatically incorrect statement is the introduction to this packed site that grabs crash footage from around the internet (mostly Youtube and Metacafe) for you to gawk at in awe. No keywords, no search options, just one long list of crash videos. Simple, yet elegant.

Law Enforcement Vids
This site claims to be “Proudly Devoted to the Men and Women of Law Enforcement,” but the first clip on their homepage today is of a security guard violently (and illegally) attacking a skater punk. So while their claims of honoring the valiant efforts of law enforcement are as dubious as a middle-aged man handing out candy from his van, the videos are wholly entertaining nonetheless.

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