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The World Wide Web first came into existence in the early 90s, and videos of people getting into serious crashes came were most likely uploaded about 20 minutes later. Whether it’s by car, skateboard, ski, rollerblade, bike, motorcycle or boat, we as a people love to marvel at the potentially life-threatening accidents caused by other people, and potentially point and laugh at them. Seriously, without crashes, would anyone really care about NASCAR or the Daytona 500

With the advent of movies and shows like "Jackass" and characters like Steve-O, many have taken things to the next level, putting together videos of every kind of crazy crash scene you can imagine. We have to admit it, some of them are hilarious. 

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Car Crashes Time
YouTube channel devoted to car crashes. Yes, we're disturbed, but we can't stop watching. Crashes
Metacafe has a gigantic collection of videos so it only makes sense they’d have more than a fair share of crash videos. This link will take you to a huge list featuring every single video on Metacafe that has a “crash” tag on it. While there are some mislabeled videos occasionally appearing on the list (including one a baby whistling for some odd reason) there are enough videos of car, skateboard, bike and other vehicle crashes here to keep you morbidly fascinated for days.

Top Speed
Top Speed is a decent blog that is regularly updated with the latest news and views from the car world. But if you don’t care about all that crap and just want to see fiberglass and steel get torn apart just click on this link and go straight to their impressive collection of crash videos. - Crash Landings/a>
Tons of crash videos.