t's only appropriate that Bullz-Eye's TV Girlfriends should swipe a line from one of the most memorable passages of cinematic dialogue about television to name one of its categories. In Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction," there's a lengthy discussion about the pilot which served as Mia Wallace's claim to fame, but the description of said pilot – entitled "Fox Force Five" – absolutely matches the individuals selected for this go-round of Girlfriends.

  • Fox: they're a bunch of foxy chicks.
  • Force: they're a force to be reckoned with.
  • Five: there's one…two…three…four…five of them.

Except for one little problem: as you can see below, there are actually ten of them. We haven't formally worked out if one's Team A and one's Team B, or if the first group is varsity and the second is JV, but, really, would you complain about either team having your back? Between these two legions of super-hotness, you've got an Amazon princess, a robot, a vampire slayer, a Doll, an Angel, and more spies than you can shake a stick at.  

A wise man once wrote, "With great power comes great responsibility," but when you couple that great power with great looks, then you're really got something to write home about.

Check out our TV Girlfriends home page to see all the other categories we had in this feature, and then check out who won each category and which character our readers chose as the ultimate TV Girlfriend.

Sydney Bristow

She has a walk-in closet full of costumes, ranging from no-nonsense business type to dominatrix, with wigs to match (hello, role play!). She can beat the snot out of men twice her size. Her job takes her all over the world, and she can speak any language you can throw at her. Oh, and she's drop-dead gorgeous. Sydney Bristow is about as perfect as they come, but there is one teensy weensy problem: she can't tell you how awesome she is, because her job as a top-secret government spy forbids her from doing so. This means she'll never seduce you in a fluffy teddy while cooing "I am for sleeping now" in a Swedish accent, nor will she defend your honor when the local bully kicks sand in your face at the beach. In fact, the most likely thing you'll get from dating Sydney is trouble; her fiancé was killed when she dared to reveal her double life to him, and her best friend Will received a back alley tooth extraction just for knowing her. So yes, life as Sydney Bristow's boyfriend does not come without a fair share of risk – not to mention time apart, since she is more devoted to her work than half of our Married to the Job girlfriends – but to die by her side, well, the pleasure and the privilege is ours.

Sydney Bristow Sydney Bristow Sydney Bristow


"I love you, Miss Robot," indeed. The origins of Cameron Phillips are sinister beyond words – she's a T-888 Terminator whose likeness is modeled after Allison, a faithful soldier in the Resistance against the machines, who was captured, studied and then killed by her doppelganger so Robot Allison could infiltrate Resistance camp and kill John Connor – but despite the fact that she is a remorseless killing machine, Cameron is more human than some actual humans we know. After Connor reprogrammed her and sent her back in time to protect his younger self, Cameron took to ballet dancing in her free time, and despite the fact that she's incapable of feeling emotion, she's fascinated by the concept of it, to the point where it frustrates her that she can't feel anything. Anyone lucky enough to get that close to Cameron – and live – can expect some communication issues (be careful when you speak of ‘killing' something or someone), and getting her into bed is as high risk/high reward a scenario as they come. Oh, and don't forget that her memory chip is on the fritz, meaning she can flip out and go full Murder Death Kill on you at any time. But you'll stay with her anyway, because she's just that hot. Just try not to freak out as she watches you sleep. ‘Cause she will, since she never sleeps. Ever.

Cameron Cameron Cameron

Jill Munroe

When it comes the mysterious man on the other end of the intercom known simply as Charlie and his various employees, any number of the so-called "Angels" on his payroll could make the cut as a member of Fox Force Five, but none possess quite as iconic a visage as Jill Munroe. She may not have remained in Charlie's employ as long as some, but she certainly made the most of her time. Looking for an athletic lady friend? You've found her. She's been spotted playing just about every sport in the book – tennis, swimming, skating, and even bowling – and, in her spare time, she's even been known to coach kids in their sports, but she's a far cry from a tomboy. Her model-like looks and gorgeous mane of blonde hair offer proof of her interest in being a woman's woman…and, indeed, she may well the perfect woman, given her choice of ride (a white Cobra II) and her place of residence (a beach house). The only problem with Jill, really, is her work. She's damned serious about it, and when it comes to maintaining the secrecy of her assignments, she doesn't play around, so you needn't waste your time with lame lines like, "But, honey, you can tell me, I'm your boyfriend!" Actually, come to think of it, that's really just another mark in the "pro" column: "No need to worry about asking her how her day was."

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Buffy Summers

Ever had a girlfriend who was as sweet, smart, devoted, and pretty as any man could want, but who had a really tough job that tended to stress her out and make her impossible to be around? Well, that's what you're in for, plus an annual near-apocalypse, should you be deemed worthy by Sunnydale's stake-wielding superheroine and world saving champion. Devoted to her friends and family but also seriously desiring of a little "me-time," sometimes she's just a girl who has to put up a with a slightly bratty younger sister and who misses watching the Ice Capades with her deadbeat dad. At other times, she's fighting demon hordes or throwing herself into a hell dimension to save the universe. And then there's the issue of trying to keep her identity secret – but, if you're dating her, you'll find out soon enough. Two-to one, that's because most likely you're a vampire yourself, which always leads to some extra-interesting relationship issues. Still, it's cool if you can get past the whole vamps-are-inherently-evil thing somehow (it's been done before) and thereby avoid the seemingly inevitable conflict of interest. Buffy can be cold or hot, but her heart is nearly always in the right place. Just make sure you stay on the straight and narrow or your next heartbreak could be delivered via Mr. Pointy.

Buffy Summers Buffy Summers Buffy Summers

Sarah Walker

Show pity for poor Chuck Bartowski. When an old college friend implanted all of the government's highest-profile secrets into Chuck's hard drive of a brain, said government sent two of their best agents to protect him from all the baddies who wanted access to said secrets. Now, one look at Sarah Walker (which, predictably, is not her real name) might have you thinking, "Yeah, poor Chuck Bartowski!" The problem is, as with most secret agents leading double lives, Sarah is about as unavailable as it gets, especially when it comes to Chuck, for whom she has developed genuine feelings but acting on those feelings would most certainly be frowned upon by her superiors. Ah, makes sense now, doesn't it? Sarah wants Chuck, and because Chuck is a straight guy with a pulse, he's got feelings for Sarah too. The fact that they have to pretend to be together in order to preserve their cover complicates an already complicated situation. Sure, Sarah is a little serious at times, but she's honest (more honest than partner John Casey, anyway), fiercely loyal and, as you can see, hotter than an all-night Foxy Boxing tournament. A tournament Sarah would win pretty handily, we might add – the girl has a mean right hook and a devastating roundhouse kick. "Happily ever after" may not be in the cards for Chuck and Sarah, but knowing he's even got a chance with a woman like this gives the rest of us poor schlubs hope.

Sarah Walker Sarah Walker Sarah Walker

The first five nominees in the "Fox Force Five" category are all worthy objects of our affection, but they certainly aren't the only fearsome hotties to win our hearts. Below you'll find five more crime-fighting ladies to consider before placing your vote.

Agent 99

Agent 99Who wouldn't want a girlfriend who would consistently ignore your oafishness, while saving your life, your job, and the free world from your own idiocy, time after time after time? And, if you never seem to learn her real name, well, what part of "secret agent" don't you understand? Some guys might not want a girlfriend or wife whose a million times smarter than they are, but probably the only intelligent thing Maxwell Smart ever did was hold on to the nearly perfect woman who made "99" the sexiest of all numbers.

Judy Hoffs

Judy HoffsSay the words "female cop," and you're liable to bring to mind a host of decidedly unsexy images, from those unflattering uniforms to the angry butch stereotype that dogs members of the force of either gender. Detective Judy Hoffs, however, is a notable exception; not only did she get to skip the blue duds in favor of more fashionable attire, on account of that whole "high school undercover" thing, but she actually tended to come across as just the sort of level-headed, down-to-Earth gal you wouldn't mind taking home to meet your mom (as long as Mom wasn't, you know, involved in anything illegal).

Emma Peel

Emma PeelSadly, the witty, ultra-hot, cat-suit clad, ultra-competent superspy Emma Peel has a husband, somewhere. The good news is that doesn't stop her from flirting stylishly with absurdly dapper coworkers. Sure, all you'll probably finally get out of the deal is a glass of champagne and a peck on the cheek when hubby finally returns, but a mostly chaste kiss from the adorably deadly Mrs. Peel is better than a full-body snog with anyone else.

Renee Walker

Renee WalkerThe list of women who steal kill shots from Jack Bauer is pretty small, and is quite possibly a list of one: Federal Agent Renee Walker. In fact, we became so fond of Renee that we started calling her Jacqueline Bauer for her willingness to color outside the lines, with bonus points for her overall badassity. After all, how many agents do you know that would jump onto a boat filled with African soldiers armed to the teeth, in order to steal the blueprints of their next terrorist target? Her most daring act, however, was to slap Jack repeatedly in the face, something that we were sure would end with Jack on bended knee asking for her hand in marriage. Jack has yet to profess his love for Renee, so we're beating him to the punch, as it were. We're a sucker for a pretty face, not to mention a good left hook and an eagle eye.

Wonder Woman

Wonder WomanThe world's most approachable Amazon might be on the tall and mighty side, but she's cute as a button, can deflect bullets with her bracelets, change clothes with pyrotechnic special effects just by turning around, and she's literally a goddess. Intriguingly for someone who has come to "save the world with love," potential boyfriends Steve Trevor and Steve Trevor, Jr. (don't ask) never seem to get much further than being close friends and colleagues as they fight various nasties. Still, the super man who could woo the woman sometimes known as Diana Prince is in for some fireworks, at least whenever she needs to change clothes.

Now that you've seen our 10 nominees in the "Fox Force Five" category, you can check out who won this category and the other categories. If you need to refresh your memory on who deserved to win, click the thumbnails below to revisit each nominee's writeup.

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Agent 99 Judy Hoffs Emma Peel Renee Walker Wonder Woman
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