fter a long and grueling battle over the course of many months, Bullz-Eye readers cast their votes to decide upon their definitive TV girlfriend, and when it came down to the so-called Final Catfight, we did our best to offer a solid list of pros and cons for each of the finalists. At the very last second, we realized how ironic it was to offer up such a list for the Girlfriend who would ultimately prove to be our champion, and we could hear Rachel Green's voice echoing through our memories:

"What the hell's a 'Rachem'? Is that some paleontology term that I wouldn't know about because I'm 'just a waitress'?"

Is it all coming back to you now? That's right: Ross made a list of pros and cons when he was trying to decide between staying with his then-girlfriend, Julie, or setting off in pursuit of the ever-elusive Rachel. Funnily enough, our list probably wasn't too dissimilar from his, though in fairness, we have the advantage of a bit more hindsight.

When we first met Rachel, she didn't necessarily seem to be the perfect pick for a girlfriend. Not just because she was wearing a wedding dress at the time, although that certainly didn't hurt, but because she was demonstrably shallow and deficient of ambition. On the flip side of that coin, however, was her unquestionable hotness, which kept her solidly in our good graces until such time as we realized that she had a sensitive heart and a surprising amount of depth. That's not to say that she can't still be foolish, and there's every reason to believe that her mean streak will never go away completely, but Rachel's come a long way since the first time we saw her stroll through the doors of Central Perk. Nowadays, she's a successful career woman and a mother, and if the latter isn't necessarily an attribute that all guys would consider to be a pro, just keep in mind that the former means that she can afford to take care of her child without any inancial assistance from you.

Yeah, we know: that sounds a little shallow. But, c'mon, the old Rachel totally would've understood where we were coming from.  

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