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15 Free Ringtones
Download 15 Free Ringtones! No credit card required.

Free Ringtones
Choose Your Favorite Ringtones. Top 40 Ringtones & More.


Video Ringtones
As if a blaring exclusive remix of ‘My Humps’ wasn’t garish enough, now you can have the video to accompany it. This service is only on some PDAs right now, but expect it to be on every cell phone in just a few years.

Can Ringtones Save Music?
Ringtones are big business. So big in fact that many in the biz think that they just might shave the recording industry, as their sales continue to rise as CD sales plummet.

Billboard’s Ringtones Chart
Ringtones have gotten so big that Billboard just gave them their own chart. See if you’re rocking out to the hottest tone in the country by checking out their weekly top 10.

Make Your Own Ringtones

While anyone with enough technical know-how could create their own ringtones for a while now, Xingtone is the first program out there that has made it easy for the masses. With Xingtone, you can upload your favorite tracks on your computer to your phone, including your own creations (which you can in turn sell for a profit at Xingtone’s site.) The obscene implications for this piece of software are disturbing.

Homemade Ringtone Guide
Here’s a guide to creating your own ringtones for absolutely free, providing you have the right programs installed and a little bit of technical knowledge.

Ringtone Services

All of the dozens of ringtone services out there are nearly identical. The most important thing to remember for all of them is to read the fine print! Sure, you may get 10 free downloads, but if you don’t pay attention you might end up paying $10 a month for the next two years. Here are three of the most popular (and trustworthy) ringstone sites online.




Cell Phone Sites

Considering how profitable ringtones are for cell phone companies and wireless, they sure don’t make it easy to find them on their websites. Here are links that will take you directly to the ringtone stores for the major wireless providers.

Verizon Ringtones

Sprint/Nextel Ringtones



Boost Mobile

Cricket (Registration is required)

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