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Internet radio was one of the many great things about the Web, particularly for the many people who think that regular radio sucks. This could have been a huge boost for the record business by providing an outlet for new artists to break out and find an audience. Let's face it, corporate radio in today's world is not set up to do that.

Instead, the greedy and short-sighted record companies lobbied congress to place oppressive royalty requirements on Internet broadcasters, so now many of the fledging new online stations have had to close down. What a shame.

Internet radio is trying to make a comeback, but obstacles remain.
Now owned by Yahoo!, has downloads and radio. Watch sample videos, learn of local concert information, listen to streaming audio and receive all of the updates on the latest in music news. The best feature of this site is the ability to customize an online radio station around your music preferences.
If you like new music, particularly independent music, you'll love this music store and its online radio feature. They regularly package around 25 songs from new releases and play them on their radio. It's a great way to get exposed to new artists and new releases.
These guys have five excellent stations covering alternative, rock, 80s, hip-hop and hot. The sites are run by the Ohio and Illinois Centers for Broadcasting.

All music fans should check out this cool site from the BBC.
Cool site.
This Web site has several genres of radio stations to tune into. Don't worry about downloading songs -- just click on "tune in" to enjoy streaming radio. Of course, you must have the mp3 player downloaded. A connection is available if you need to do this.
You can listen to select MP3 files or use MP3 Radio.

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