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R. David Smola’s musical taste is greatly influenced by his older brothers, who regularly beat him and made him listen to King Crimson, 10cc and Klaatu as opposed to letting him listen to Rick Springfield or Disco.

His favorite artists include (but are not limited to): King’s X, Prince, Queen, Alice Cooper, Prince, Smithereens, Crowded House, dada, Tears for Fears and the collective works of Kevin Gilbert. Four records that have to go with him on the desert island are The Beatles White (or Double White), Toy Matinee’s self titled record, King Crimson’s In the Court of the Crimson King, and The Moody Blues’ Days of the Future Past. Tapehead by King’s X also needs to come with as does Prince’s Sign of the Times.

R. David lives in suburban Chicago and hopes to grow up into a full fledged adult someday.

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