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CD Reviews:  Shelby Lynne: Love, Shelby

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Move over, Alanis Morisette! Glenn Ballard is back, and it ain't with you! The multi-talented and hugely successful Ballard, who wrote and produced Morisette's career-making Jagged Little Pill record in 1995, has been enlisted here to finally push Shelby Lynne over the final hurdle in her often misguided career. Following several country releases in Nashville, Lynne made her mark in 1999 with the brilliant crossover (country, soul, R&B, and pop) release I Am Shelby Lynne. It got critical acclaim and pleased the vast few who might have bought it, but I Am…left Shelby in the same unknown and uncategorizable predicament she had fallen into before. Then along comes Glenn.

Ballard's pen, guitar, and knob-turning genius have again laid a chart-topping pop rock gem at the heels of a beautiful, middle-aged sireness when she deserves it most. And Lynne's raw talent continues to abound. "Jesus on a Greyhound" whips up an awesome guitar rock recipe of Tammy Wynette meets Bruce Springsteen. "Ain't it the Truth" is a funky, piano-riddled collaboration that brings her whole band together for one of the album's true standouts. "Roses are red, bruises are blue," Lynne hollers out at the song's conclusion, which reminds us how painfully honest this experienced soul really is! Her crisp yet raspy, country yet blues, sex kitten vocals are truly unique and most addictive. "I Can't Wait" is the best example of her lusty vocal range, but the record finds its ultimate high point with the first single "Killin' Kind." If this one doesn't slap you across the face during the very first listen and say, "this is a hit!" then you've clearly explored the wrong genre of music. "Killin' Kind" is a perfect radio smash, suited for pop, rock, and even still her country crossover fan base. 

The album cover will make you think you've clicked on the Girl Next Door link instead of CD Reviews. But with that body of Shelby's, I guess Ballard and Co. felt it best to pull out all the marketing stops for this one…like squeezing in the phenomenal cover of John Lennon's "Mother" as the record's final track. Undeniably gorgeous, well-traveled and seasoned in the business, soulful siren of multiple categories, Shelby Lynne succeeds with her life's work on Love, Shelby

~Red Rocker 

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