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How deep can Weezer get? Well, according to some, this is where the whole "emo" thing began, dear listeners – but I enjoy Weezer, so I’m not in that camp. The nice thing about the band is that they have plenty of tracks that weren’t hits or singles that still sound just as good, if not better. And though they sort of petered out by the time Make Believe rolled around (at least to my ears), the run up to that point was a pretty fruitful one. So here’s a batch of Weezer tracks that aren’t "Buddy Holly," "Hash Pipe" or "Beverly Hills." Can you dig it? I knew you could.  

"No One Else" – Weezer (The Blue Album)
Rivers Cuomo makes having a crappy girlfriend sound positively catchy in this remorseful ode to a chick who laughs at all the wrong things. Can’t you see he’s emotional, baby? Can’t you see all those rejected kids are going to lap this stuff up? 

"The World Has Turned and Left Me Here" – The Blue Album
Cuomo’s now all upset that the girl has gone, even though in the previous tune he’s the one who did the dumping. Hey man, you can’t have it both ways. Either you put up with some of the female bullshit, or you turn it into rock and roll gold and enjoy all the sex that comes with that. Dig in! 

"In the Garage" – The Blue Album
Anyone who’s ever picked up a guitar or some other instrument and cranked out some tunes with it in either their parents’ garage or their own bedroom can relate to this gem. When the chicks have all let you down and it seems like nothing else is groovy, there is always the music to get you through. And hey, if you can write a song, maybe you can get all emo and torture people with it. 

"Only in Dreams" – The Blue Album
It’s Weezer’s "Stairway to Heaven." ‘Nuff said. 

"Jamie (DGC Rarities Version)" – Weezer (Deluxe Edition)
I first heard "Jamie" during Weezer’s tour for the Blue Album. They opened the show with it and it remains a nice little ditty that kind of crept under the radar. Rivers at least seems happy with Jamie here, telling her "We’ll be together a long time." Ah, one can dream. 

"Susanne" – Mallrats Soundtrack
This catchy number features yet another girl in the title and appeared during the closing credits of "Mallrats" (it’s also available on the deluxe edition of Blue Album). So, which is it, Rivers? First you’re happy with Jamie, but here Susanne is all that you ever wanted in a girl. And you’re the one moping about love? For shame! 

Weezer - Pinkerton
Pinkerton, 1996
"Getchoo" – Pinkerton
For what it’s worth, I first bought Pinkerton when it was released, and despised it so much I actually threw the cassette out the car window. Later on, when the Green Album came out, I decided, being one of those weirdo completists, to get it again. It was a little better the second time around, and this haphazard slopfest is a good example at Weezer at its loosest.  |

"Why Bother?" – Pinkerton
Another song about another girl who Rivers masturbates over and whom he thinks will ultimately reject him. Good times, a bit of a nod back to the debut album’s sound. You can snap your fingers to it, in other words. 

"Across the Sea" – Pinkerton
More longing. More moping. Rivers could give Robert Smith a run for his money. Rivers can also sing, mind you, and doesn’t carry on for 11-plus minutes when he does mope. This is good, you know. 

"Crab" – Weezer (The Green Album)
The catchiest of the non-singles on this album, and that’s saying something, since the whole disc is one big catchy stew. Leaves a pleasant aftertaste even if Rivers is once again singing about some no-good chick. 

"Smile" – The Green Album
"Open the door and let your love come down," sings Cuomo in this number. Hey, he’s happy again! Yeah, that’s not going to last for long – or is it? Maybe this dude is the king of emo after all. Take that, Dashboard Confessional! 

"Simple Pages" – The Green Album
Look out, Rivers is demanding some love here. It’s in a minor key, but it still sounds happy. Why is this? The Green Album is where Cuomo compressed all his angst and distilled it into bubblegum. It goes down smooth. 

Weezer - Maladroit
Maladroit, 2002
"Take Control" – Maladroit
Dig the ‘70s hard rock strut on this number – at least until it gets to the choruses. After that, it’s back to the patented Weezer wailing again, but this still would have sounded real good next to Kiss or Led Zeppelin on the A.M. dial. 

"Burnt Jamb" – Maladroit
If Pinkerton had really been up to snuff, then it would have sounded like this. Greasy, goofball verses give way to thrashy, trashy choruses with just enough rage to make it believable. Oh well, at least the band eventually got it right here. 

"Fall Together" – Maladroit
Another heavy rockin’ rave-up that could sit right next to some Humble Pie or Nazareth. Maybe even some Foghat. Rivers would definitely approve. 

"Love Explosion" – Maladroit
You need to hear this song for the lead guitar alone. Man, that baby sounds like it’s coming straight out of a tasty tube amplifier. Just listen to all that nice, warm compression in the distortion! The rest of the song isn’t too shabby, either. 

"Pardon Me" – Make Believe
"Sometimes my best wasn’t good enough," explains Rivers. He’s been explaining that over the course of Weezer’s entire career, but chalk it up to another song that’s worthy of doing it all over again. 

"Freak Me Out" – Make Believe
This tune is centered around nicely plucked guitar harmonics, and sounds like something you could get down to while contemplating suicide and pondering the cover of the first Black Sabbath album while doing a lot of drugs. Hey, good times for all. Thanks, Rivers!