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Buy your copy from Rumor Has It... (2005) starstarstarno starno star Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Mark Ruffalo, Shirley MacLaine, Kevin Costner, Mena Suvari, Richard Jenkins
Director: Rob Reiner
Rating: PG-13
Category: Comedy

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From director Rob Reiner (“The Story of Us,” “A Few Good Men”) comes the fable of a Pasadena family that inspired the book and film “The Graduate.” If the movie sounds pointless, that’s because it is, but then again too many films are. Writer Ted Griffin, who happens to be from Pasadena, provides the story and script for a film that ultimately provides no surprises, but does manage to be mildly entertaining for two hours.

Jennifer Aniston plays Sarah Huttinger; a journalist stuck writing obituaries. She returns home for her younger sister’s wedding only to discover that her family was the inspiration for the book and film “The Graduate.” Already dealing with identity issues and the prospect that she may be engaged to the wrong man, Sarah sets out to uncover the truth about her family. Once learning of an affair her mother had, she also begins to question who her father actually is. The search leads her to Beau Burroughs (Kevin Costner) who provides answers, but only after the movie misguidingly provides the audience with a rather unnecessary and inappropriate incest scare.

The actors in “Rumor Has It…” aren’t asked to stretch much from their typecast roles, so some good but uninspired performances are to be found. Aniston plays the same sweet-but-neurotic Rachel-esque character she always does, and even though she plays the feisty, aging lush in every movie she’s been in this decade, Shirley MacLaine is great. She’s the highlight of a cast that also includes a surprisingly decent Kevin Costner, and the always stable Richard Jenkins. That leaves Mark Ruffalo, perhaps the most punchable actor working in Hollywood today. Maybe it’s his always flat, rumpled demeanor, but this guy’s face begs to be hit in every movie it appears in.

“Rumor Has It…” is not a bad movie, just one all too easy to dismiss. Given the storyline, all the film really does is make you wish you were watching “The Graduate.” But if you’re looking for explosion-less fluff this holiday season, you would be better off seeing this than the alternative, the hateful and tired drama “The Family Stone.” Compared to that film, “Rumor Has It…” feels like a breath of fresh air.

DVD Features:
In direct response to how badly this film was received at theaters, Warner Bros. has put absolutely no special features on the disc.

~Andy Kurtz

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