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Buy your copy from Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003) Starring: Ray Wise, Jonathan Breck, Nicki Aycox, Garikayi Mutambiraw, Eric Nenninger and Lena Cardwell 
Director: Victor Salva
Rating: R
Category: Horror

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This sequel is set days after the original, with the Creeper on the last day of his 23-day feeding frenzy. Here the Creeper sets his sights on a championship-winning basketball team as they ride their school bus back home along with their coaches and cheerleaders.

The whole horror genre is certainly a little tired, and when you get into the sequels it's really hard to scare the audience, since by then any mystery or suspense about the killer/creature/whatever is known by the audience. There aren't any surprises in this film, so you feel like you're just waiting for the inevitable to happen. Also, make sure to turn off your brain, since applying logic to these storylines will just ruin the whole thing for you.

The original "Jeepers Creepers" was generally well received, and in the sequel writer-director Victor Silva tries very hard to create a storyline that stresses the tensions between the characters in order to present more than just your average slasher flick. He deserves credit for the effort, and the young cast is up to the challenge, but the drama still seems contrived, as the Creeper senses the fear of his potential victims before choosing who to kill.

If you're a horror fan or a fan of the Creeper, you'll probably enjoy the ride here, even though Silva doesn't include any gratuitous T&A scenes. Silva cares about his craft and it shows up in the final product. Just don't expect anything more than a standard horror flick sequel.

~Gerardo Orlando

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