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Buy your copy from Identity (2003) Starring: John Cusak, Ray Liotta, Amanda Peet, Alfred Molina, Rebecca De Mornay
Director: James Mangold
Rating: R
Category: Thriller

A group of people find themselves stranded at a run-down motel on a rainy night. The characters start getting killed off, many in unique ways, and soon the remaining characters start to see a pattern. Even with this familiar storyline, however, "Identity" isn't a typical slasher flick. It tries to be a little smarter in the tradition of the old Hitchcock suspense films. The real story behind the killings is very clever and unexpected, and saying any more would give away the film.

The top-notch cast does a nice job with the material. John Cusak is solid and believable as the lead character, and Ray Liotta delivers another great performance as the know-it-all cop. Amanda Peet adds some great eye candy to the film and delivers a strong performance as the hooker looking to move on and simplify her life.

"Identity" is well made and most audiences will enjoy it. Yet, despite being clever, the film isn't really that scary. Sure, the setting and the storyline generate some suspense, but nothing like the great horror movies from the past or even some of the more predictable slasher flicks.

~Gerardo Orlando

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