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Buy your copy from Amazon.com About a Boy (2002) Starring: Hugh Grant, Toni Collete, Nicholas Hoult, Rachel Weisz
Director: Chris and Paul Weitz
Rating: PG-13
Category: Comedy

The charmingly funny "About a Boy" is, well, about a boy, and a man who acts more like a boy as well. Hugh Grant stars in this Brit-dominant film about a man, a boy, and the ways in which each one helps the other through the tragedies that life brings.

Will (Hugh Grant) is a rich, cynical and certainly immature middle-aged man who has yet to be married and has no intentions of taking a wife. He has never held a single job for one day; nonetheless he has the money to live a very luxurious social life thanks to the success of a song his father wrote years ago. After years of having strong sexual relationships with women and then having to break their hearts, he learns the secret behind single mothers: One can have great sex with them for a few months and they will soon enough break it off themselves due to their own personal problems.

When Will discovers the wonderful news, he enrolls himself in a Single Parents Acting Together group in order to meet single mothers, and inadvertently brings young Marcus (Nicholas Hoult) into his life. Marcus is the son of Fiona (Toni Collete), a single mother who has just recently attempted suicide and has more than enough problems in her life to realize her own son's problems. Unknowingly lonely and in need of some good company, Will is tagged by Marcus day in and day out until they eventually become good friends and embark on a mission to revive each others' lives.

"About a Boy" is the perfect date movie. Period. Hugh Grant can be easily enjoyable to both men and women, because while the ladies enjoy the drama and the romance, men will also be able to laugh and enjoy Grant's antics along the way. Hoult is equally entertaining in his film debut, but the sight of him will kind of freak you out at first. You'll see what I mean. Otherwise, "About a Boy" is really just a great film to check out when you have the time. There's no rush, but you should certainly see it.

~Jason Zingale

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