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Buy your copy from Amazon.com X-Men (2000) Starring: Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Famke Janssen
Director: Bryan Singer
Rating: PG-13
Category: Action

Unlike many of the movies based on comic books, "X-Men" definitely feels like a comic book. That's no knock, it's as it should be. This movie is not trying to win an Oscar or overwhelm with special effects (there are some, of course, but nothing over the top). It doesn't bother with any big, distracting movie stars that would only clutter up the picture. It quickly offers a little background for the uninitiated and some short character introductions, then it's time for volume one.

In the near future, some humans begin to further evolve and develop special powers. Normal humans are threatened by this and react in typical racist fashion. They hate all mutants and want to start rounding them up Nazi-style. The outcast mutants generally collect into two opposing camps: the X-Men, led by Xavier (think Martin Luther King) are hoping to integrate peacefully into society; and The Brotherhood, led by Xavier's former friend Magneto (think Malcolm X) who are willing to take a more violent approach. Their minions duke it out for a while, then it ends--leaving plenty of unresolved issues to examine in a sequel.

As long as you don't go in expecting this to be the huge summer blockbuster, you probably won't be too disappointed by this movie. It's especially good for kids and others with limited attention spans (perhaps a blonde date). "X-Men" is simply a fluffy, big screen version of a simple comic book -- nothing more, nothing less.

~Mike Barkacs

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