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The late Chris Farley has been on the record stating that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of comic legend John Belushi. This is why he joined Second City, as well as “Saturday Night Live,” but did he also mean to get caught up in the same nasty alcohol and drug addiction that was the cause of Belushi’s untimely death? Born in 1964 in Madison, Wisconsin, Chris was one of five siblings in a close-knit family before leaving to attend Marquette University. Following graduation, Chris performed with the Second City comedy troupe in Chicago where he was scouted by Lorne Michaels to audition for the popular sketch comedy show “SNL.” Chris, of course, got a spot as one of the show’s many new recruits, and during his five successful years on the show, he began to pop up in a number of small roles for films like “Wayne’s World,” “Coneheads” and “Billy Madison.”

His first two starring roles came alongside fellow “SNL” co-star David Spade in “Tommy Boy” and “Black Sheep,” and the two friends quickly became one of the hottest comic duos in the business. Building on his success on the big screen, Chris appeared sans Spade in “Beverly Hills Ninja” before grabbing a new onscreen partner (Matthew Perry) for the absolutely horrible “Almost Heroes."

On December 18th, 1997, after having attended numerous rehab programs over the past few years, Chris passed away due to a heart failure caused from cocaine overdose. Robin Williams was apparently one of the last people to see him, and was visiting Chris on that very day to help him though his addiction. Chris remains to this day one of the funniest, and certainly most animated, comic actors in the business, and it’s a shame to think about the endless possibilities his career would have provided him with.

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Chris' short acting career is highlighted by the five years he spent on "Saturday Night Live," but starring roles in "Tommy Boy" and "Black Sheep" also display the comedian's hilarious physical comedy. Other films, like "Beverly Hills Ninja" and "Almost Heroes," didn't fend as well at the box office, but small cameos in other "SNL"-related pictures including "Billy Madison" and "Dirty Work" is among his best ever. The special edition release of "Tommy Boy" is now available. No word on whether or not his other films will get the same treatment. Chris was also recently honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.