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There’s nothing better than spending a beautiful sunny day out on the beach, except perhaps spending it with up-and-coming starlet Sunny Mabrey, who has surprised every straight man in the country with her most recent appearance alongside Ice Cube in the sequel to “XXX.” Where did this girl come from and why haven’t we seen her before? Well, you may have already, if you’re a huge fan of the “Species” franchise in which Sunny made her acting debut…completely nude. Before taking her clothes off on screen though, Sunny was a modest southern girl from Alabama with the usual childhood aspirations to become a Hollywood star. After graduating from high school, Sunny decided it was finally time to pack up and move out West, but she quickly discovered that succeeding in Hollywood wasn't as easy as it looked.

While working in Los Angeles at a local theater - where she met her future husband - Sunny was offered a modeling spot with GAP in their infamous khaki’s campaign. Later that same year she posed nude for the cover of Rolling Stone with Ricky Martin, but she was never taken seriously as an actress. Finally, after baring it all for her starring role in the direct-to-video sci-fi flick “Species III,” Sunny was offered a small role in the teen comedy, “The New Guy,” but because the film failed miserably at the box office, Sunny was looked over for a number of roles. The young actress continued to forge a respectable resume with guest spots on "Angel" and "CSI: Miami," and after nearly six years of hard work and grueling audition processes, the results are just beginning to show. Don't expect too much out of Sunny in the upcoming years, but she definitely has the look that Hollywood demands.

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Sunny hasn't been in the business very long, but already she's turning heads. A Gap commercial here. A Limp Bizkit video there. A small appearance in the less-than-average "The New Guy." And an almost completely nude performance in the direct-to-video sequel "Species III." That's a pretty short path to take before being cast in a big summer blockbuster like "XXX: State of the Union," and we're pretty sure that her guest star role on the underground Fox hit "House, M.D." had nothing to do with it.

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On growing up in the South:
"I think of myself as a Hollywood hillbilly, but I’m sick of all these questions people ask about Alabama. ‘Do you have an outhouse?’ ‘Is there a lot of inbreeding in your family?’ They think all Southerners don’t have computers and TV sets and that we’re all still living in 1862."