CD Review of Heavier Things by John Mayer
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John Mayer: Heavier Things

Reviewed by Mike Farley


hen you listen to singer/songwriters like John Mayer, you feel like you’re slipping on your favorite pair of jeans. He’s got that textured voice that’s instantly recognizable, for one. But it’s more than that. Mayer is just one of those intelligent yet accessible songwriters that comes along only a few times during a generation. Oh, and did I mention that his music is incredible? Let’s dig deeper into Mayer’s latest, Heavier Things, shall we?

“Clarity” starts things off with piano and horns in addition to Mayer’s trademark acoustic guitar sound, and there’s a Paul Simon-esque feel to it that mentally puts you in New York’s Central Park on a Sunday. “Bigger Than My Body” is so radio-friendly that it may even be too good for radio. I’ll play this safe though and expect it to be a huge single. “Something’s Missing” has punchy guitars and an airy feel that could make it the best track on the record. Slow and bluesy, “Come Back to Bed” breathes versatility into an already great collection of songs.

“Home Life” is similar to Sting’s best efforts, and even sounds like it could have been at home on the Police’s Synchronicity album. “Daughters” is a poignant acoustic song about raising kids, and even if Mayer has no children of his own he pulls it off. “Only Heart” is a driving pop/rock song, and when I say driving, I mean open your windows on the freeway and blast away. “Wheel” is another melodic and lyrical masterpiece, with the sentiment being how everything that goes around comes around.

Those of us who are songwriters look to people like John Mayer with envy and jealousy. At the same time, you can’t help but marvel at his unique and amazing talent. Both Mayer and producer Jack Joseph Puig outdid themselves this time around. The sophomore jinx couldn’t find Mayer with a radar, because his second major label effort could easily be one of the best releases of the year, and maybe of our time.

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