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…that half of all men
over the age of 30 experience problems getting erections at one point or another. Viagra since its introduction has increased the sexual capacities of many men with erectile dysfunction (ED). Cialis is a new drug for the treatment of ED and was introduced in 2003. The side effects are the same as Viagra; headaches, flushing, heartburn and nasal congestion. Cialis, however, works faster than Viagra and lasts between 24 and 36 hours. Cialis allows a man to be more spontaneous.

…you can actually break your penis. Normally when we talk about breaking a part of the body we are concerned with bones. However, when fully erect the penis becomes almost as hard as bone. If you were to have vigorous sex and unintentionally slip out, the force of missing the target could cause a break. The tubes (corposa cavernosa) that are filled with blood can rupture. This can be accompanied by a popping sound, extreme pain and severe swelling. Unfortunately, the damage is difficult to repair and some men are prevented from ever having full erections. www.mypleasure.com.

…there is a myth about Altoids enhancing oral sex. According to Dr. Sandor Gardos, there are many urban myths related to sex that are false, but this one happens to be one of the few that are true. The trick is to suck on a couple until they are almost completely dissolved and then go down on your partner. The substances in Altoids create a tingle and a sensation of hot or cold depending upon what your partner is doing. Try it with your woman and then, of course, have her reciprocate.

…testosterone protects against heart disease. Low test levels are associated with a greater risk of heart attacks, diabetes, abdominal fat deposition and abnormal blood lipid levels. Cytokins, which cause inflammation in the arteries, are the latest suspected cause of heart disease. British researchers suggest testosterone suppresses cytokins and also boosts the immune system, thereby preventing heart disease. (J Endocrinol, 178: 373-380, 2003)

…very few health clubs have automated external defibrillators, or AED’s. The risk of cardiac arrest during exercise is 17% greater than at rest. Cardiac arrest is when the heart stops pumping and in-turn stops the perfusion or blood flow to all the body’s tissues. The best remedy for cardiac arrest is defibrillation often performed in the pre-hospital setting by paramedics. A defibrillator can often restore a heart to normal perfusing rhythm. The problem is that with each passing minute a person is in cardiac arrest the chances of survival decrease 10%. Because of the increased risk of cardiac arrest and the importance of early defibrillation, health clubs would be an ideal place for AED’s.

…partial reps may be beneficial. A study done at the University of Southern Mississippi compared using partial range of motion (ROM) repetitions and full ROM repetitions in the development of strength in untrained males. This study was conducted over 10 weeks and used the bench press as criterion for measurement. The subjects were divided into three groups: the first group used three full ROM sets; the second group used three partial ROM sets; the third group used a combination. The researchers found no differences between the three groups. However, they do point out that this study does suggest partial reps can be a benefit to a person’s maximal strength. (J strength Cond Res 18(3), 518-521, 2004)

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