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A sexy star in almost every facet of the entertainment industry, Milla Jovovich has accomplished what very few models have been able to do: use their natural beauty as a door to more fulfilling opportunities in music and film. Lucky for fans of the drop-dead gorgeous model, Milla actually has some talent when it comes to performing in those fields, rising to the top as an international film star and recording artist (in Europe anyways) in a little under a decade.

Born to a Russian actress and Yugoslavian doctor, Milla was born in the Ukraine in 1975, but moved with her family to Sacramento when she as only five. With a history of performance and beauty already in her family, Milla began a serious and successful modeling career at the age of only eleven, appearing on the covers of internationally-recognized magazines while other kids her age struggled through American adolescence. In 1988, Milla was finally given the chance to pursue her real dream of acting in “Two Moon Junction,” though she continued an arduous modeling career all the way through her teenage years.

When Milla turned 18, the now-famous model began a third career: musician. With her band, The Divine Comedy, Milla toured Europe and L.A. to crowds of surprised critics and beloved fans playing a set of melodramatic tunes that utilized instruments from all over the world. Milla continued to grow as an actress, and while her small roles were restraining, she began to appear in more mainstream films like “Kuffs” and “Chaplin” alongside A-list actors. Milla’s big break finally arrived in 1997 when she was cast by French director Luc Besson in the stylistic sci-fi film “The Fifth Element” alongside action film favorite, Bruce Willis. Milla stole the show as the orange-haired, gibberish-speaking alien Leeloo, proudly showing off her near-nude body while kicking ass in space. Milla married Besson after filming the movie, but they abruptly divorced in 1999 after becoming a bonafide Hollywood actress.

Milla continued to work small, independent gigs while spreading her face all over magazine covers and TV commercials for Revlon, but she received her second role-of-a-lifetime, as Alice, in the video game adaptation of “Resident Evil.” A huge box-office success for Milla and her young co-stars, the film quickly spawned rumors of a sequel and introduced the rising star to the film’s director, Paul W.S. Anderson, who she is currently dating. Voted as one of Revlon’s “Most Unforgettable Women of the World,” Milla has truly made a name for herself. She has recently formed a new band, Plastic Has Memory, constructed of new and former band mates, and has become one of the leading sci-fi actresses in the past decade. You’re not very likely to hear too much about Milla in the near future – due to her on-again-off-again modeling schedule and zealous musical aspirations - but there’s no doubt that Milla is one of the most talented and underused actresses in the business.

In 2020, Milla starred in "Monster Hunter."

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Milla most certainly isn't the hardest working actress in the business, nor is she in high demand, but her short list of film appearances are nothing short of an accomplishment, dealing out impressive performances in almost everyone one of her films of the past decade. While her early work in comedies like "Kuffs" and "Dazed and Confused" are hardly worthy of criticism due to the small roles she endured, her later work in Spike Lee's "He Got Game" and the as the fashionable villain, Katinka Ingabogovinanana, in the hilarious Ben Stiller supermodel spoof "Zoolander" is excellent. While Milla has had her share of dramatic roles - like the underrated "Joan of Arc" - Milla has found a successful niche with sci-fi films. She first exploded onto the Hollywood scene after surprising loyal Bruce Willis fans in "The Fifth Element" before taking on the role of Alice in the video-game-to-film adaptation of "Resident Evil," the best video game adaptation to date. Milla has continued to model and tour with her band, Plastic Has Memory, in her free time, and although it's rare to find the European beauty in mainstream film, she has an undeniable attraction that keeps us wanting more.

Milla Says

On getting the role in "Resident Evil":
"Oh yeah. I played the game with brother, and we got so addicted to it. When I found out that [director] Paul Anderson had a script for it, I went full-steam ahead. I said, "Look, there's nobody else for this part! I'm your girl. I play this game five hours a day!" Of course I still had to do three auditions."

On her career as a model:
"Modeling was never a priority. I was always taking acting lessons."

On acting:
"I just want to make one really good movie a year. And when I die, to know I was honest as an artist."

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