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Beautiful hair, a stunning face and a great body. Basically Nicole Kidman has it all, except for a big, fake rack, but we actually like her better this way! Throw in the acting talent and you have one of the most accomplished actresses in Hollywood. Nicole has been around for quite a while, and although she's been known for making a quick buck on some pretty bad films, a majority of her projects are grade-A. With her name gracing the nominations page for almost every major awards show each year, Nicole is an unstoppable actress with looks to kill and enough talent to last a lifetime.

Her love isn't as spectacular as her career though. We never could figure out why she was with Tom Cruise. Sure, he's a rich movie star, but the two of them never really looked right together. Maybe it's because he's so short and she's a big girl, but something just didn't seem right. So I guess we weren't surprised when the two of them split up. No word yet on who the new lucky guy is, if there is one. It's also strange how their split shortly followed their work together in "Eyes Wide Shut," director Stanley Kubrick's last film before he died, which dealt with marital infidelity. They spent more than a year in England working on the movie and it apparently didn't help matters any more than it hurt it. In the end, Nicole's future success as an award-winning actress will only be bigger without that walking advertisement for Crest White Strips attached to her hip.

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Nicole Kidman on the Screen

Despite her troubled personal life, Nicole Kidman has been on a roll in her acting career, with hits like "Moulin Rouge" and "The Others." In fact, she credits her own personal turmoil in helping her to take on the role of the suicidal Virginia Woolf in "The Hours." In a recent interview, Nicole said "the role came along when I needed to play her." The movie may not be for everyone, but Nicole's performance is amazing. As you can in the film, she altered her appearance and pulled off a convincing transformation, winning both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for her performance.

It's funny how some serious actresses will do anything to avoid showing their bodies on screen. Julia Roberts and Michelle Pfiefer come to mind. Maybe they think it's beneath them to get naked on screen, or maybe they just think they look much better with their clothes on. Or perhaps they think it will hurt their career -- only the low-rent actresses show off their stuff on screen. Nicole Kidman, on the other hand, has never had a problem showing off her stuff (or muff) on screen. Finding Kidman naked on screen is pretty easy, yet it certainly hasn't hurt her career. If you're into this sort of thing, you have to check out "Billy Bathgate," where Nicole has several full-frontal scenes. Now if only Julia and Michelle would take note!

Nicole Says

On Hollywood:
You're not anyone in America unless you're on TV.

On plastic surgery:
"I would love to have boobs and a butt like Jennifer Lopez but I'm not having surgery so there it is."

On breaking up with Tom Cruise:
"Now I can wear heels."

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