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The sexiest alien ever to appear on television, Jeri Ryan knows how to make a “Star Trek” uniform look good. Donning a pair of beautiful blue eyes, mouth-watering lips and one of the best racks in the business, Jeri is a self-made star with looks hot enough to melt any horny nerd. As an Army brat growing up in exotic locations all over the world, Jeri graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelor’s in theater. After competing in numerous beauty pageants as a teen, Jeri competed in the Miss America pageant in 1990 as Miss Illinois , placing third runner-up overall. She continued to model after school, but she decided to pursue a career in acting instead. Starting out with small gigs on various television series like “Matlock, “Who’s the Boss” and “ Melrose Place ,” Jeri was finally offered a role on the NBC sci-fi series “Dark Skies,” but only lasted through the end of the show’s first and only season.

She continued to act in small independent features that you probably couldn’t find on tape at a video store, but joined the cast of “Star Trek: Voyager” in the middle of its fourth season to become one of the show’s more popular characters. After “Voyager” wrapped in 2001, Jeri was invited by successful producer David E. Kelley to join the cast of his new FOX drama, “Boston Public,” a role that wouldn’t gain as much fan recognition as her Seven of Nine character, but a more dramatic role that opened roads into more legit acting jobs. Jeri has continued to stay relatively quiet on the acting front more recently, but has always been one of the more desired stars that has traveled from country to country to meet and greet thousands of awaiting “Star Trek” fans at their annual conventions. We’re no Trekkies, but Jeri Ryan can feel free to beam on over to us anytime she wants.

Iconic Character - Seven of Nine, "Star Trek: Voyager"

Jeri is an incredible talent and is having a fantastic career. But for many fans, her role as Seven of Nine on "Star Trek: Voyager" will always be a favorite. We highlighted this character in our "TV Girlfriends" feature in the "Hot and Smart" catagory. Here's what we said about the character:

"She may have the emotional range of a brick wall, but if there's one cyborg we'd like to have an hour on the holodeck with, it's Seven of Nine. Sure, she wasn't always the prettiest girl in the galaxy -- her time spent with the Borg Collective kept her too busy to worry about personal hygiene -- but by the time she was brought on board the Voyager, cleaned up, and put in a skintight silver catsuit, she was the object of more than just one crewmember's affection. Her intelligence may be the result of an artificial implant, but her body is all natural.

Seven of Nine's Sexy Silver Catsuit
She looks amazing here . . .

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Jeri Ryan Feature

Brian HensonJeri Ryan interview
January 11, 2010

Oh, God, I so, so wanted to have a bonfire when ('Star Trek: Voyager') ended. I was so lobbying for them to let me just burn one of the corsets. 'Just one!' But, no. It was so nice to get on a show with actual clothing!

Jeri Ryan on Video

Jeri Interview Clip
Jeri flashes some serious cleavage with a low-cut dress on the red carpet.

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A complete database of Jeri's TV and film appearances.

Jeri Ryan on the Screen

Jeri is a star for one reason: "Star Trek: Voyager." Her role as the half-human, half-Borg cyborg Seven of Nine, a sexy extraterrestrial that gave Trekkies all around the world something to talk about. Jeri's other TV appearances include the equally successful "Dark Skies" and the David E. Kelley high-school drama "Boston Public." Before landing her first big TV role, Jeri also made a number of appearances on popular shows like "The Sentinel" and "Melrose Place." Jeri's also begun to make her way into film, although presently unsuccessful, and has appeared in "Dracula 2000," "Disney's The Kid" with Bruce Willis and the 50's sex romp satire, "Down with Love." Jeri was in the news when she alleged that her ex-husband, Jack Ryan, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate at the time, took her to sex clubs during their marriage and asked her to engage in sexual activities in front of other patrons.

Jeri Says

On the fandom of "Star Trek":
"You can't really prepare yourself for being greeted by a dozen Klingons drinking blood wine. So, it can be a bit off-putting coming in from the outside. But it's great fun and there are no fans like Star Trek fans."

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