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Emmanuelle Chriqui might not possess the most impressive resume in town, but she's slowly gaining ground as one of Young Hollywood's most exciting new talents. Born in 1977 in Montreal, Canada, Emmanuelle realized at a young age that she wanted to act, but because her parents couldn't afford proper lessons, she had to rely on her older brother to pay for the classes out of his own pocket. Working as a waitress while auditioning for television shows, Emmanuelle eventually landed roles in Canadian-produced series like “Forever Knight,” “Kung Fu: The Legend” and “Psi Factor.”

At the end of the 1990s, Emmanuelle finally got her big Hollywood break when she was offered a supporting role in the KISS-themed comedy, “Detroit Rock City.” Bigger parts in films like “Snow Day” and “100 Girls” followed, and she even filmed a scene for Steven Spielberg’s “AI” that was cut from the final theatrical version. And though she did co-star in the unofficial ‘N Sync movie, “On the Line,” Emmanuelle’s next significant role didn’t come for another three years when she appeared alongside Eliza Dushku in the cannibal horror flick, “Wrong Turn.” Since then, Emmanuelle has been getting some pretty high-profile work, including a recurring role on the HBO comedy “Entourage,” and it’s only a matter of time before we see even more of this talented Moroccan beauty.

Iconic Character - Sloan McQuewick on "Entourage"

For many fans, Emmanuelle's role as Sloan on "Entourage" will always be a favorite. We highlihgted this character in our "TV Girlfriends" feature in the "Totally Out Of Our League" catagory. Here's what we said about the character:

"She might just have the least sexy last name in TV history (it's no wonder we've never actually heard it), but for someone as sexy, smart and filthy rich as Sloan, it wouldn't take us very long to get past. The difficult part would be getting the opportunity to even do so, because while someone as ordinary as Eric Murphy managed to not only hook up with Sloan but actually convince her to marry him, we don't think we'd ever have a shot. It's too bad, because while Sloan's the kind of girl you'd expect would ignore most guys, there's not a single diva bone in her body. Not to mention, she has plenty of connections in the business (thanks to her big-time Hollywood agent father, Terrence), so if you're looking to break out in Tinseltown, she'd probably be willing to throw a recommendation your way. Still, while Sloan might seem like the complete package (and believe us when we say that she comes pretty darn close), we're almost glad that she's out of our league. After all, who would want to deal with the kind of constant aggravation that Sloan's wannabe boyfriend, Seth Green, would bring to the relationship? It's enough to make you want to sucker punch a guy."

Emmanuelle's Sloan character ended up winning the Totally Out Of Our League round of fan voting, and here's what we said about what it would be like to date that character:

WHY SHE GOT HERE: The perfect trifecta: she's sexy, smart and filthy rich.

DATING PROS: Despite not having a single diva bone in her body, she nonetheless has plenty of connections in the business, so if you're looking to break out in Tinseltown, she'd probably be willing to throw a recommendation your way.

DATING CONS: Her wannabe boyfriend, Seth Green, would bring no end of aggravation to the relationship. Plus, Sloan might just have the least sexy last name in TV history.

Emmanuelle as Sloan
Here are some great clips of lovely Sloan as Emmanuelle discusses the character.

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Emmanuelle Chriqui on the Screen

Along with more recent roles on the hit shows "Entourage" and "The O.C.," Emmanuelle has also made appearances in films like the restaruant comedy "Waiting...," the teen horror flick "Wrong Turn," the MTV-generation snowboarding film "Snow Day," and the much-underrated John Woo TV flick, "Once a Thief."

Emmanuelle on Video

Emmanuelle Chriqui in her GQ Photoshoot
Check out this super-sexy video of Emmanuelle.

Emmanuelle Chriqui & Adrianne Palicki sexy & making out
Adrianne Palicki dreams she's getting a lap dance from Emmanuelle Chriqui in "Electra Luxx."

Emmanuelle Says

On the future of her career:
"I'd really like to sink my teeth into a project and really move people with something juicy and excellent and challenging. That's what I want."

On her body:
"Some women want bigger breasts. But [I wish] I could have had a dancer's body. I sometimes wear plunging necklines because they make me feel smaller."

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