CD Review of Drunk Enough to Dance by Bowling For Soup

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Drunk Enough to Dance
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Released: 2002
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For those fans of the pop/punk genre, that branch of rock brought to the collective musical conscience by bands such as Blink 182 and refined by artists like Butch Walker, Texas-based rockers Bowling For Soup is as hot as it gets (get it, hot, soup, hot soup…forget it). Produced by Walker, BFS have the formula down: powerful and soaring vocals, punchy verses, crunchy guitars and a little “quite part” after the second chorus all come together with spikey hair, skateboards and “Vans” brand tennis shoes to craft catchy and fun rock tunes. Sure, the songs tend to run together after a while, but you don’t listen to BFS for their deep meaning or thoughts on war and politics (see my review of Sting’s latest ). Rather, BFS explores essential topics in their songs, such as hot chicks, hotter chicks, bitchy chicks and the dorky guys who want them (…and we want them very much)!

Sparkling tracks include “Emily” and the Grammy nominated, “Girls All the Bad Guys Want” (no, I’m not making that up), which was co-penned by Butch Walker and singer Jaret Reddick. Both demonstrate the band’s quirky wit and strong melodic tendencies. “Life After Lisa” is a realization that getting over a past relationship can feel quite good, while “…Where to Begin” takes musical cues from fellow Texas rockers (and former touring partners), Flickerstick. The band also isn’t afraid to take lyrical pot-shots at themselves, such as their most recent single, “Punk Rock 101.”

Very radio friendly -- almost to a fault -- BFS has all the ingredients necessary for a pop/punk band (ingredients, soup…). Similar to bands like All American Rejects and SR-71, BFS sneers, whines and rocks their way through 19 tracks. Walker’s production thumbprint is all over this one, including gang vocal choruses and huge-sounding guitars. Put it on while you are either drunk at a party, drunk while downloading porn, or drunk and trying to forget that you bought that stupid Limp Bizkit album (What were you thinking, anyway?)

~Joe Del Re