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CD Reviews:  Review of Sacred Love by Sting

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Sting is having a pretty good year. Earlier, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the groundbreaking band, The Police. Now, with his newly released album, Sacred Love, Sting continues to show why he is considered one of the most innovative and creative songwriters of the rock era. His evolution from new wave/punk influenced rocker to an evermore worldly writer continues to give direction to songwriters and musicians of all levels of development. 

The album begins strong. “Inside” blends Sting’s familiar introspective (if preachy) lyrics with a catchy chorus, a song that builds toward a rapid fire conclusion with Sting pleading, “Annihilate me, infiltrate me, incinerate me, accelerate me, mutilate me, inundate me, violate me, implicate me, vindicate me, devastate me.” “Send Your Love” combines a pulsating club-like rhythm with eastern phrasing, much like Sting’s last hit/Jaguar commercial, “Desert Rose.” 

The album takes a welcome turn with the soulful duet with R&B singer Mary J. Blige called “Whenever I Say Your Name.” There’s real soul on this song, passion fused with a great sense of song. Meanwhile, the war in Iraq weighs heavy on Sting’s mind with later tracks. “This War,” a song that examines Sting’s disagreement with President Bush’s march to war in Iraq, rocks hard, while “Forget About the Future” is a jazzy exploration into the issues surrounding the need for armed conflict without trying a diplomatic solution. 

As is typical with any Sting album, Sacred Love does get a little long in words and is certainly not nearly as punchy or quick as the Police albums were. Sting is as preachy and socially aware as ever, but he wears that mantle better than, say, a band like “Creed” does. Regardless, Sacred Love is a good effort from a timeless songwriter, and a good purchase for those nights when you feel like “laying low.” 

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