Are you thinking of getting engaged this Christmas?


man and women getting engaged

Are you thinking of getting engaged this Christmas? If so, we’d like to congratulate you and wish you the best.

The holidays are obviously a very popular time of year for engagements, and tons are girlfriends are anxiously waiting to see whether their boyfriends will pop the question and get them an engagement ring.

Naturally, there are tons of things to consider as you make and then execute this decision.

The first thing involves the decision itself. If you think you want to get married, but you haven’t quite made the decision yet, then we recommend watching this video which will walk you through the questions to ask yourself and issues to discuss with your girlfriend before popping the question:

The next question involves jerelry in general. How much you spend on an engagement ring is a big issue, but it relates to larger issues of priorities and how much jewelry is important to your partner. Check out this video for some guidance on that issue:

Finally, if you decide to move forward, then you actually have to go through the process of selecting a diamond and a ring. There are tons of resources out there if you search Google and YouTube. Do your homework! This video will give you a good start:

And here’s another video that’s also helpful:

Good luck!


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