10 First Date Tips That Are Guaranteed To Get You a Second Date


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Many people dream of meeting the love of our life. While some people are lucky enough to meet theirs when they are teenagers, research shows that most people don’t meet their life partner until they are much older. Instead, they spend their time going on dates in search of The One.

However, while this may be true, most people find the thought of meeting up with someone new nerve-wracking. After all, they may not like what they see. If this sounds like you, and the thought of your first date overwhelms you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed some of our top tips to impress your date and help you get a second date. Why not try them out?

1. Think About Your Attire

Before going on a first date, it’s essential to consider what you will wear. Of course, this will depend on where you are going. For example, if you go to a fancy restaurant, you will want to wear your best clothes. However, if you are going bowling, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a more relaxed style, such as jeans and a T-shirt.

2. Make Sure You Smell Nice

There’s nothing more off-putting and unattractive than an unpleasant smell. So, it’s crucial that you make yourself smell nice before you head out on your date. Thankfully, this is easy to do. Simply jump in the shower or bath to get clean, and then apply your favorite deodorant and aftershave.

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3. Be Yourself

Dating in the 21st century can feel like a competition. Because of this, many people feel pressured into being someone they are not. However, while acting like someone else might sound like a good idea, it’s not. This is because it won’t take long for your date to see beyond your lies. So, it is much better to show your date who you are and what you believe in when you first meet. This will allow you to find someone you have a real connection with.

4. Have Fun

Even if you don’t have an instant attraction to your date, you should try and enjoy your time with them. Many people find that attraction grows over time, so spend time with your date and get to know more about them. You never know, you may find you have a lot in common.

5. Keep It Simple

One of the main reasons people struggle to get a second date is because they try and overcomplicate things. Instead of taking their date out for a coffee or to the pictures, they decide to take them out for a fancy meal at an expensive restaurant. While this might impress your date, it can put too much pressure on the situation. So, instead, choose a simple location for your first date.

6. Remember Your Manners

If you want to impress your date, make sure you remember your manners. There’s nothing more off-putting than a rude person. So, make sure you say please and thank you when ordering food, and remember to open the door for your date. All of these things will impress them.

7. Buy a Small Gift

You don’t have to spend a fortune to impress your date, but it is worth showing them you’ve put the effort in. One way you can do this is by buying them a small gift. It could be something as inexpensive as a single rose or chocolates.

8. Technology is a No

Another great way to show your date that you are interested in them is to put away your mobile phone and other technological devices. This will show them you have time for them, and you are interested in what they have to say.

9. Be Prepared

Almost all of us get nervous on a first date. To try and reduce your nerves, it’s a great idea to come up with some topics of conversation should there be any awkward silences. However, it’s important not to ask too many questions as your date may feel like they’re being interviewed.

10. Keep in Touch

After the date has ended, you should send your date a message to tell them how much you have enjoyed their company. You could ask if they want a second date if they reply. However, don’t be too pushy. Some people will want to think about their answers before replying.

Lots of people feel nervous about going on a date with someone new. This is particularly true if they have low self-esteem. However, if you follow our tips above, you will have nothing to worry about. These tips will show your date just how amazing you are and how lucky they would be to go on another date with you.


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