Top Dating Trends in 2021: Is there anything really new?


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Without a doubt, 2020 has dramatically changed the world of dating. This year, instead of dressing up and going to the bar on a blind date, we are simply making sure there is nothing strange in the background before accepting a video call. We had to master the art of dating from miles away from each other and getting close without breaking the 2-meter social distance. Frankly, we deserve at least a round of applause for that alone. As we finally see off the Longest Year in History, we’re wondering how the future of dating will change.

Online dating

Communication on the Web is much easier and simpler. This is probably the main advantage of such rendezvous.

Many dating sites, such as, have an “invite to video chat” function. The “Speed Dating” video format is close to real-life communication. It also allows users to reduce the time for searching for a potential partner and deciding on the future possibilities faster.

For a more winning presentation in web chat, we advise you to practice. Talking to yourself in front of a mirror or using Facetime calls with a friend helps a lot. After such training, you will definitely be more self-confident.

You should prepare thoroughly for your online date. When setting up the camera, check what is behind your back, remove unnecessary things. Do not appear in a video chat in your home clothes. Try to choose a time for the meeting that no one was at home, so no one would disturb you. Then you will feel much more relaxed and positive.

Romantic dinner at home

To make your perfect dinner the way you want it to be, first make a plan. Think about how to decorate the room, what dishes to make, which dessert to choose.

What kind of dinner will you have? Regular or themed? With or without candles? How about flowers, balloons, rose petals? Come up with a dinner concept and try to match everything in the same style. Accentuate the ambiance of the room, the music, the decorations, and the table setting.

Light salads, steaks, or baked poultry are great for a romantic dinner. Of course, you can eat a hearty and dense meal. But then you have to forget about continuing the romantic evening – too hearty dishes only cause a desire to lie down and rest, as if after hard work.

To consolidate the magnificent result of a romantic dinner will help the most delicious dessert. Berries, fruits, and chocolate cakes will suit the taste even of those who like diets and those who belong to the “I do not eat sweets at all” type.

Dating outdoor

In modern life, it is necessary to look for alternatives for bars, restaurants, and other places of entertainment. And it also becomes essential to expand the boundaries of your usual favorite activities. Nature can be a wonderful option for a quarantined date. Walking in the fresh air has a beneficial effect on both your physical and mental health.

Meetings in nature will add a romantic mood too. Imagine: the beauty of the surroundings and fresh air will perfectly discharge the atmosphere and attach emotional colors to your date. So, if you’re interested in exploring the good old real world outside the house, here are some ideas for the perfect quarantine date for you and your other half.

-Go for a hike in the mountains. As a side note, this is not a great idea for a first date. Unless your other half is a fan of extreme recreation.

-Have a picnic in the park or square.

-Organize a barbecue evening. Talking near a warm fire is super romantic and makes you feel cozy.


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