Inexpensive Gifts You Can Get for Your Date


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While it might seem like it is a bit old-fashioned, the act of giving your date a small gift has never been seen as tacky in most western countries. However, the act has fallen out of common practice in the modern day. Still, if you’re one of the guys that are going to give your date a nice gift, then here are some suggestions that you can use to show her that you appreciate her company.

Wooden Flowers

Regular flowers are not something that you want to give a first date. Think about the message you are sending there. Flowers require care and eventually will wilt and die. With wooden flowers, you don’t have to worry about killing them before you get to your date, and they still manage to send a nice, romantic message. Just make sure that you don’t get a full bouquet or it might cost more than your date.

Sweet Food, Not Candy

Candy is usually associated with Valentine’s Day and it is easy to crush or melt even if it’s just lasting through a car drive. Instead, think about getting your date some nice cookies or cupcakes. She will definitely appreciate the gesture and when she takes it home to share with her roommates or eat alone, you’ll definitely float to the front of her mind. You don’t have to bake these gifts yourself, but if you have the ability to do so, it’s not a bad idea.

Go Shopping for Something She Likes

This might come off weird at first, but you can take your date window shopping at the mall. You might want to spend some time getting to know what she likes first. Some women really like candles while others like lotions. Find out what she likes and take her to those stores. Find out something that really stands out to her and then either buy it for her then or wait until the next date and show up with it. She’ll love that you took the time to get to know her well enough to get her something she wants.


More and more younger and middle-aged women love wine, so it is easy to see why this might be high on the list of potential gifts for your first date. You can find out what kinds she prefers, giving you a way to get to know her while learning about the types of wine that she likes most. Unless she is talking about a 100-year-old aged wine, you should be in the clear to pick up a bottle. Then the two of you can take the wine wherever you go for your date and really talk to each other.

Stuffed Animals

A stuffed animal is a very friendly way of introducing yourself to your date. It’s something that is easy to ship if you are into online dating at the present time. Moreover, it is a great gift that is sweet and simple because it doesn’t come with an overt message or theme like a dozen roses might. That being said, stuffed animals are a great potential gift and you will get bonus points for getting one that involves her favorite animal.

As you can see, gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for your date and give her something to remember you by. Using these tips is a great way for you to show up with fun and creative gifts. Whether you are meeting someone for the first time through Naughtydate or have just run into a lady at your office, it’s always a good practice to have these gifts on your mind so you make an unforgettable first impression.


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