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Entourage: Season Three

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The big “Aquaman” premiere is right around the corner, Ari’s on his own now after his failed coup and subsequent canning last season, things between Eric and Sloan are heating up, Turtle’s chasing his own career as an agent to rapper Saigon, Drama is once again looking for work (and new representation), and the Mandy Moore crisis is over, mercifully.

Yes, there’s plenty to look forward to in the third season of “Entourage,” premiering Sunday, June 11 at 10:00 pm on HBO (following the “Deadwood” premiere at 9:00). Will Vince’s first blockbuster sink or swim, and just how bad is that Aquaman costume? (Last season, Vince said it made him look like an “underwater Elton John.”) Is Sloan, played by the sizzling Emmanuelle Chriqui, going to stick around or will E hook back up with his ex, Emily? Is Turtle actually going to get his career off the ground before Drama can revive his? And what about Ari? Vince is his last remaining big-name client, so Ari may need “Aquaman” to deliver even more than Vinnie does.

Let’s just hope the writers can give Vince a love interest without making him look like a bonafide pussy, like they did last season with the Mandy Moore storyline. It was painful to watch, and the way they wrapped up the story, so quickly and conveniently, in the season finale was weak at best, but at least it’s over. Hopefully. Watching Ari build his own agency from the ground up, with Lloyd at his side (that dude’s great), should be entertaining to say the least, and here’s hoping Jeremy Piven continues to make Ari one of the best characters on TV today. Meanwhile, we're wondering if Terence, Ari’s old boss, will step up his efforts to bring Eric in as an agent. Now that Ari’s on his own, there’s bound to be an ensuing power struggle as Terence tries to keep Ari down, but while it’s pretty clear that Vinnie remains loyal to Ari, Terence may still think he’s got a shot to steal Ari’s #1 client. Considering Eric is dating his daughter (did we mention how hot Sloan is?) and he offered Eric a job last season, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Terence step up his recruiting efforts.

Then again, it wouldn’t be surprising if we never saw Terence again. That’s what’s great about season premieres: there are infinite story possibilities.

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