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2010 Winter Movie Preview

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How do you turn down a trip to South Africa? You don't. Duh. Universal flew us into Cape Town in March of 2010 to tour the set of "Death Race 2," a prequel to the 2008 "Death Race" starring Jason Statham. Below you'll find links to the various interviews we did while we were on the set with stars like Luke Goss, Danny Trejo and Tanit Phoenix, as well as a travelogue of the week's events, a recap that includes our writer's experience as an extra in one of the movie's fight scenes. Finally, don't miss all the photos we snapped of the tricked-out cars that make this race unlike any you've ever seen before.

On Location in Cape TownOn Location in Cape Town
The sights, sounds and...skinheads?!

Our writer spent parts of three days on the "Death Race 2" set, but he also made some time to explore Cape Town a bit. Check out his travelogue for a recap of the week's events, including his time as a Terminal Island inmate!

Luke GossLuke Goss interview
Carl "Luke" Lucas

I love cars. I ride horses, I sword fight, kung-fu, drive cars, fly a plane, scuba dive, whatever. (Acting) is a great business for that, purely forget the thespian aspect. It’s just fucking wonderfully immature. It’s like, “Ooh, gadgets!

Danny TrejoDanny Trejo interview

I like movies that will let me do (stunts) that are dangerous, but…the reality is the insurance company, they’ll say, “Wait a minute, we can’t afford that.” So they can put a mustache on anybody. Those stunt guys got their mortgage to pay too.

Tanit PhoenixTanit Phoenix interview
Katrina Banks

I’m a wussy for getting black eyes, especially when I have to work so much. But I’m strong. I was a belly dancer for 14, 15 years. I’ve got strong thighs and I’ve got a really high kick because I’m supple, so that does help.

Lauren CohanLauren Cohan interview
September Jones

Being faced with being stuck in prison or, like, really high risk with huge, potential gain, I would definitely do the death race. The more and more I think about it, I do think it’s a really cool idea. Maybe I’m going to leave acting and make a show.

Robin ShouRobin Shou interview

I have never been so shaken. Honestly, I mean I’ve done a lot of the Hong Kong action movies, jumped off buildings, run over by cars and stuff like that. I’ve never been so shaken because, again, I have never come this close to death.

Killing Machines: The Cars of Death Race 2Killing Machines: The Cars of "Death Race 2"
Get your motor running...

Take a closer look at the inorganic stars of the movie: the locked-and-loaded Death Race cars!

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