Bullz-Eye meets the cast of "Hot Tub Time Machine", "Hot Tub Time Machine" interviews
Bullz-Eye meets the cast of Hot Tub Time Machine

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"Hot Tub Time Machine" inspired us to list some of our favorite movie titles of all time. See which films made the cut!

It is the movie title that has pretty much owned us since we learned of its existence. There are probably civilizations in far-off galaxies that can manipulate time and space in ways that we can't even fathom, but you can bet your ass that none of them have considered traveling through time in a freaking hot tub. (Insert "U-S-A! U-S-A!" chant here.) In our attempt to further encourage non-linear thinking among the Hollywood types, we originally drew up a piece on great movie titles, and then something strange and wonderful happened: we received an invitation to see "Hot Tub Time Machine" and interview the director and cast…in Lake Tahoe. To which we responded with a polite "Hell, yes."

Below you'll find the five interviews we did in Tahoe, along with our recap of the press junket itself. Our review of the movie will run on opening day. Does it live up to our admittedly high expectations? Check out our review to find out!

Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark DukeCraig Robinson, Clark Duke, and Rob Corddry
Nick, Jacob, and Lou

The only thing I thought that this was missing, in terms of being that kind of hardcore comedy, was actual penetration. I mean on-camera, full-on, penny.

Crispin GloverCrispin Glover

It feels like people like the film; there's a good humor to it and the characters are likable. I'm glad to be in it.

Lizzy Caplan and Collette WolfeLizzy Caplan and Collette Wolfe
April and Kelly

John Cusack was a very, very sweet guy, and friendly, and nice, and collaborative. And not an asshole, which is not always so common.

Steve PinkSteve Pink

I have actually relied on actors to ignore my advice on pretty much everything I said throughout most of the movie.

Clark DukeClark Duke

'Bizarre Love Triangle' might be one of my favorite songs ever. You can put any video footage over that song, and it would look awesome.

Hot Tub Time MachineFrom Tahoe, with booze: Bullz-Eye's "Hot Tub Time Machine" press junket recap

After chatting with several of the stars, we were treated to the highlight of the weekend: Craig Robinson rocking a mullet and singing "Jessie's Girl" during an '80s-themed party.

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