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Big Stan (2008) Starring: Rob Schneider, David Carradine, Jennifer Morrison, M. Emmet Walsh, Kevin Gage, Henry Gibson, Scott Wilson, Randy Couture
Director: Rob Schneider
Rating: NR
Category: Comedy
Studio: Yari Film Group

Opens April 25

The Pitch: Schneider stars as a white-collar convict who uses his last few days of freedom to find a martial arts guru (Carradine, groan) who can toughen him up and help keep him from getting raped in the big house. He subsequently transforms himself into a badass who unifies the prison's warring factions (the official synopsis actually says he establishes a "hysterical peace").

The Buzz: The official synopsis begins with the phrase "'Big Stan' marks the directorial debut of Rob Schneider." You do the math.

Trailer Highlight: N/A

Bottom Line: If forced to choose between entering a theater showing "Big Stan" or one with an angry cobra coiled up on every third seat, we'd have to think for awhile before making our decision.

Official Site: N/A

~Jeff Giles

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