The Wedding Crashers: Not your typical buddy film

The Wedding Crashers: Not your typical buddy film

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It's not often you'll find a movie that will appeal to your buddies as much as your girlfriend, but "Wedding Crashers" does just that. Starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, "Wedding Crashers" has a definite "Old School" vibe, making it a great flick to catch with the guys, but you know your lady friend will see anything with the word "wedding" in the title, especially if she'll also get to see Vaughn and Wilson in a tux. A buddy movie and a romantic comedy, all rolled into one? Sounds impossible, we know, but "Wedding Crashers" pulls it off and may just be the funniest movie of the year.

Check out John Paulsen's review of the film, and don't miss John's conversation with Vaughn, Wilson, Christopher Walken, director David Dobkin and producer Andrew Panay, who discuss the making of the movie, its hilarious script, and its ability to attract both the male and female audience. Plus, want to know which bridesmaids are former Featured Models? See below.

Recognize any of the girls from the movie? You should. Two former Bullz-Eye Featured Models, Rachel (February 2003, left) and Camille (January 2003), appeared as Wedding Crashers bridesmaids. Plus, learn how many of our other models have been spotted in the movies or on television!

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