5 Unique Tech Gifts For Men Who Have Everything


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When it comes time to start thinking of gifts for your man, you’re stumped. He’s a big techy so it only makes sense for him to have nearly everything you thought of giving him.

He beats you to the punch daily by buying more electronics off of Amazon. Once you even think of what tech gift to give to him, it’s already arrived on your doorstep.

Instead of thinking more of what he would want, shift your focus into finding gifts that are useful. After all, people dislike gifts that aren’t useful.

To help you out, take a look at our picks for tech gifts for men who have everything below!

ONME Cable Clips

No one likes the look of cluttered cables. The ONME Cable Clips make it easy to sort out which cables belong to which device using magnets.

All your man needs to do is insert the cable into a thumbtack-like clip and attach it to the magnetic base. Even if he needs to relocate a device, he won’t have to untangle dozens of cords to do so.

Lamicall Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

Your phone can get easily damaged when left charging face down on a dresser or table. For the best damage prevention, he’ll need an adjustable cell phone stand.

The one from Lamicall fits any iPhone and Android device, up to eight inches in screen sizes. Its sleek design allows his cell phone to charge safely. Not only that but since it’s adjustable, he can use it to watch videos or FaceTime hands-free.

Tile Mate

Does he lose his keys often? Not only is it frustrating but you both spend hours on end trying to locate them like detectives on a cold case.

Before he loses another set of keys, get him the Tile Mate. Tile is an innovative way to keep track of small and important things like keys and wallets. Simply attach one to his keyring and that’s it.

Next time he thinks they’re lost, just use the Tile app to locate them. Think of it as a GPS but for your keys.

Chuzy Chef Heat Color Changing Mug

What he’ll think is a gag gift is actually a great tech invention. The mug appears to have two sides to it—a sad face and a happy face.

The sad face, which has crossed out eyes and a frown, means the coffee is cold. In order to make the mug happy, simply add hot coffee.

No, you aren’t trying to please the mug. This smart tech gift indicates when coffee is hot enough to enjoy just by changing colors and faces.

Asltoy USB Charging Station

At times, both of you struggle to get all your devices charged. It’s like a race to the outlets. Afterward, it’s hard to find an outlet that’s not full.

The Asltoy USB Charging Station makes it convenient for both of you to get all your devices charged in one convenient place. And the best part?

It only uses one outlet plug while it charges up to five devices. With all that freed up outlet space, you can view more here to get him another gadget to go along with this one.

Put a Bow on These Tech Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

No longer will you have to wonder what to get your man. Sure, he has a lot of technology already but with these choices for tech gifts for men who have everything, it’ll be something new to add to his collection.

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